Mother's Day Gift Guide Etsy Shop Hidden Essentials Essential Oil Custom Box Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I have been looking for an Essential Oil box for a long time now and I have finally found the perfect box to store all my essential oil's in and it's also very stylish. I am talking about an Etsy company called hidden essentials. They make custom boxes out of wood to hold all your essential oil needs. 

I was able to review there Paisley print that has the custom wording Oil Up on it. It is absolutely beautiful and stunning it's in a coral color and finish and the aesthetics of the box lets you know how much they care about their products. And how much they take their time on making each box.

Each box holds 25 15 mL bottles and it's made from Pine. I tell you what as soon as I open this box it had the smell of pine wood and it smells absolutely amazing I know that's kind of weird to say but I love this box. I had the engraving done on the top of the lid or you can also have engraving inside the box as well. Prices may vary.

The next box I received was the weathered gray Peony Flowers essential oil box that also has a 25 slot 15 ml bottle capacity. This one as well smells absolutely amazing. The scent of pine just brings me back to my childhood when we used to go to Home Depot or something like that just the smell of new wood is amazing. 

Having one of these boxes on your dresser to store your essential oils is so classy and elegant and looks so much better than having them stored in just a regular box. My oils are all organized now which I am so excited because all I have to do is open the box and look at the top of the lid. 

These boxes are great for Mother's Day, Christmas or even birthdays or anniversaries. Have that special woman in mind make sure to check out the shop to purchase these essential oil boxes.

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