Food Should Taste Good Review/Giveaway

These products Food Should Taste Good they have these at your local store that I'm sure everyone has seen them. Pete Lescoe founder has been working in restaurants and grocery stores his whole life. And if he learned anything it is that food taste better with real ingredients. That's why he started his own company and dedicated it to making wholesome healthy snacks as for the name Food Should Taste Good! All of our chip varieties are free of cholesterol, preservatives and trans fat, and do not use genetically modified ingredients GMO.  They are also certified Kosher and Gluten Free, lower in sodium, and are a good source of dietary fiber. We currently have 12 flavors in our product line: Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Olive, Jalapeno, The Works!, Chocolate, Cantina, Lime, Blue Corn, Cheddar, Toasted Sesame, and White Cheddar.

"What they Believe"
We believe food can do good, so we created Food Should Do GoodTM  to funnel all our “good” efforts to give back to our communities, our employees, and the environment.  Since 2007, we’ve donated over $250,000 in monetary donations to various organizations fighting breast cancer and hunger, as well as the equivalent of over $500,000 in our all-natural chips. So in just two years, we’re proud to have donated a total of over $750,000 to various charities!

These chips are really good and their good for you. My 3 year old even liked them I have to say I had these in the house with Doritos and I choose to eat these. They are very flavorful in my opinion my husband didn't care for them to much. From as you can see in the picture these are the ones I tried. Jalapeno, White Cheddar, Sweet Potato, Chocolate, and Lime. Well now I take that back my Husband did like the lime flavor. For something that is natural as the title of these chips they sure do taste good. 

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This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

Erin Bakers Wholesome Baked Goods Review

Do you love baked good's and on top of that all natural? Then you should check out Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods.
Our Mission 
To Handcraft and Bake to Order in Small Batches with Simple, Wholesome Ingredients
Promising Homemade Freshness, Flavor and Quality. 
Erin started baking and selling cookies when she was only 9 years old and loved it so much she made it her job. She was inspired by her Mom's healthy baking and armed with a Kitchenaid mixer she created a new way to serve breakfast and the Breakfast Cookie was born. For the last 16 years oats, fruits, and honey have been a staple ingredients in her bakery, making them unique in providing healthier food products. Bake with purpose, Bake fresh to order,  Bake with healthy and wholesome ingredients its that simple.
I have to say when we sat down to try these my 3 year old little girl loved them she ate her's and wanted mine too. She tried to take it. 

These are great breakfast idea's if your in a hurry and on the run or even if you sitting at home. I paired mine with a cup of coffee it was delicious I must say I will definitely be eating these again and getting some for my daughter too. 
 This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product. 

Continuum Games Review/Giveaway

Continuum Games mission is bringing family's together through exciting new game concepts that appeal to all generation game players. They publish their own line of award winning games. And also serve as a distributor to the best in class games from independent manufacturers. 

Barnyard Stampede is the fast and furious racing card game where farm animals compete to see who can race to the barn first . Set the barn box in the center of the table. Each player chooses a animal and flips a card face up on the start line. The rest of the cards are then dealt out to each player face down. Ready, Set, Mooo-ve it! Players flip cards over from their hand one at a time searching for a card that matches their animal. If a match is made you play the card in the front of the start line taking a step towards the barn the first to tag the barn wins.

This is such a cute game it's for children age 4 and up. Retails for $9.99 2-8 players. 

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

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SnoozeShade Review

SnoozeShade was designed and developed by a mom, Cara Sayer, In London,England. She did so to provide her daughter Holly with a darkened environment in which to sleep while they were out shopping, visiting friends, or she and her husband were eating at restaurants. SnoozeShade greatly helps to establish proper sleep patterns and habits especially when a baby cannot always be in the darkened cozy home environment during sleep time. They also make SnoozeShades for twin strollers, carseats, and Cara is designing ones for cribs and playpacks also. These are perfect for on the go Mom's and Dad's. 
The Original SnoozeShade retails for $34.99 the first universal fit blackout blind for strollers. Endorsed by the UK's leading expert Jo Tantum snoozeshade original helps babies get the sleep they need on-the-go. Made from stretchy breathable UPF50 fabric it can be used in sleep mode to extend the sun canopy and the hood. It is great for vacations, restaurants or any time you have to go out during baby's naptime.

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats retail for $29.99 it is designed for Group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with rigid carry handles. It can be used in two modes- Full Sleep( when it blocks 94% of the light and protects from biting insects) or half shade. It is made from stretchy, breathable UPF50+ fabric and any time baby is ready for shut-eye you can just pop it on and create a shady well ventilated environment for baby to sleep even on the sunniest of days.

SnoozeShade Plus retails for $49.99 has all the benifits of the award-winning SnoozeShade Original but is longer deeper and wider to allow the older children's longer legs and has exrta strapsfor an even easier fit. For older and more alert children. SnoozeShade Plus has an innovative "lookout" panal for baby to see out and then when it's naptime simply zip up the outer "blackout" panel to create a safe and secure and darkened environment to keep babies asleep. 

I love this product it is the smartest thing ever invented. We can use this all year round and get the benefits of this. I am reviewing the car seat SnoozeShade this is perfect right now with it being cold out instead of putting a blanket to cover my son's face we just zip this up and cover his legs it is perfect for other reasons also. When summer comes I always worry about my kids getting bit by bugs well not anymore if my son falls asleep we can just zip this up over the car seat and he is good to go no bugs will bother him.  Please go check out their site to see how SnoozeShade can benefit you SnoozeShade.

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

I See Me Personlized Books Review/Giveaway

I see me is a company that personalizes books for children if your looking for that perfect gift then this is it. Perfect for a baby shower gift or for your older child. I See Me  is the perfect place to check these out. You fill in the blanks with your child's name then they send you a book that has your child's name in it. As a kid I had a book similar to these and I still have it can you believe that and I adore it I think this is something nice to have and to cherish.

I was sent the "Who Loves Me" book and absolutely love it I knew what it was about before it came to me but to read it was wonderful we were able to include everyone even cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. On each page it talks about who loves Jayce and we were able to customize it to include his sister but she won't feel left out we got one for her to a Big Sister Book  and had it personalized too. Reading it just melts my heart I make sure these books stay in their room on a high shelf so they won't get messed up but are still their if they want us to read it together.

This product was given to me for review purposes only. This is my real opinion on this product.

Bummas Cloth Wipes Review/Giveaway

Bummas is a cloth diaper wipe these are soft eco-friendly terry cloth wipes that will last past the diaper days.  You can eliminate irritating diaper rash without the use of powders, talcs, or ointments. Bummas are small baby size clothes made for drying babies bottoms and you can also use them for those surprise squirts from baby. And with a little bit of water they can also replace commercial wipes. For clean ups of sensitive bottoms.

They are small enough to conviviality carry on the go and durable enough to wash over and over again and won't pill, shrink, or fade. I was sent the wild ones pack for review and have to say I love these I use these to replace my everyday wipes and they work out perfectly I just throw them in with the cloth diapers to wash. I mix water and baby shampoo and use them that way I have to say I will never buy wipes again unless their is a emergency.  I will definitely buy more of these to keep my stock of them up.

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This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion.

Madre Labs Mild by Nature Baby Products Review/Giveaway

Trying to find stuff that is better for baby. Madre Labs approached me and asked if I would like to do a review on their baby products of course I said yes. I was excited they asked if I would like to review their Mild by nature line for babies.

Our Mission is simple
To create truly innovative and unique products with the highest quality assisting our health- minded customers in supporting their well-being both inside and out offering goods that we ourselfs wanna use.  
They stand behind the No, No, No Seal which means no sulfates, no parabens, no dyes, animal ingredients, or animal testing. Our ingredients are considered gentle, biodegradable and "green" and have received good safety ratings and they are also in eco-friendly packaging.

The first product are the Mild by Nature Tear-Free Shampoo & Body Wash 12.85 oz/ 380 ml it is perfect for your babies you hair and skin. It contains the beneficial oils of Evening Primrose, Borage Seed, Flax Seed plus Maigold Flower (Calendula) Extract Oat Kernel Extract and Colloidal Oatmeal, which have been used to sooth and nourish sensitive skin for all ages. Contains the No,No,No ingredients. 

The next product is the Mild by Nature Hair Conditioner 9 fl oz/ 267 ml our gentle conditoner is perfect for babies scalp it contains the beneficial oils  of Primerose, Borage Seed, Flax Seed, Marigold Flower, These items also contain the No, No,No's. 

Madre Labs Everyday lotion Regular and Unscented 8.8 fl oz/ 260 ml 
Our everyday lotion is a unique formula containing gentle emollients and moisturizers to help protect baby's delicate skin from dryness and irritation. It contains the beneficial oils of Evening Primrose, Borage Seed, Flax Seed plus Maigold Flower (Calendula) Extract Oat Kernel Extract. This product also contains the No, No, No's.

Madre Labs Bubble Bath 12.85 fl oz/ 380 ml
Evening Primrose, Borage Seed, Flax Seed plus Maigold Flower (Calendula) Colloidal Oatmeal and Oat Kernel Extract. This product also contains the No, No, No's.

Madre Labs Mild by Nature Diaper Rash Cream aka "Bitty Bottom Cream" 4 fl oz/113.4 gr
Pamper your baby's bottom and improve his or her mood with our rich emollient fragrance free bitty bottom cream. Which contain Zinc Oxide, Evening Primrose, Flax Seed Oil, Marigold Flower (Calendula Officinalis) Extract, Oak Kernel Extract, Borage Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil.

These products are very nice make baby's skin soft and nourished. I also use the Bubble bath with water as a mixture for my cloth wipes works amazing and did I mention how great these smell.
Remember iHerb is the only company that you can purchase Madre Labs products from.

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Yum Yum Dishes Review/Giveaway

I am really excited to let everyone know about Yum Yum dishes and their new design.  These dishes are used for enjoying your favorite snacks. It helps remind you when your all done. I'm sure you have had a moment like that before where you eat and eat and can't stop well these help you. That is where Yum Yum comes into place. Here is the story behind Yum Yum Portion Control Specialist Tracy Adler and creator. After having her second child she realized that she was snacking too much she would drag a bag of chips off the shelf and head for the couch, Before she knew it , half the bag was gone and decided to do something about it because she didn't realize how much she was really eating. 
"A Yum Yum Portion"
She started using a small dish for snacking. As long as she didn't refill the bowl, She couldn't get over snacking! In a short time she was back to her original weight. She thought others might like to try out this simple method of portion control. The Yum Yum dish was born A 4 ounce ceramic bowl that's fun and easy to understand.
"Yum Yum Anyone"
The Yum Yum dish is perfect for children, teens and adults. Who wouldn't want to enjoy all their favorite foods in moderation?? For more portion control ideas check out Here. Also if you would like to order some Yum Yum dishes yourself go Yum Yum Dishes.
Yum Yum dishes are perfectly safe for the dishwasher, microwave and conventional oven. However if you hand wash them they will last longer. The plastic lid is not microwave or oven. safe.
If you would like to buy some for yourself then use this special code from now till February 7th 2012 to get 20% off your entire order. Enter the code "BABIES" Please type with all caps!!

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ActivewearUSA Review/Giveaway

ActivewearUsa was founded with the goal for providing the best yoga Activewear and fitness clothing on the market to encourage women to look and feel their best while enhancing their life through fitness. Avi is the founder of ActivewearUsa she never spent her life in retail or for that matter practicing yoga her background was a software developer, about 3 years ago she discovered yoga. From the first time she sat on a yoga mat and listening to her breath she knew something had to change. So after much thought and little sleep she did something crazy she quit her job and started She was able to personally select all the items she wanted to sell and only selected the things she loved the most. She uses every brand they sell and refuses to offer anything she don't use. Her goal is to offer the best yoga and fitness Activewear with the best possible customer service. Recently they have started to sponsor women's fitness focus groups up and down the country. Go to Stay Active to see how their involved with the community. I am reviewing the yoga pants In Black  these pants are so form fitting at the top and looser at the bottom so comfortable. Check out the ones I'm wearing here. With each order they ship they send out a reusable recyclable 20 oz Aluminum sports bottle that you can use instead of plastic bottles. 

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

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Real Kids Shades Review/ Giveaway

Real Kids Shades are the leading innovator in children's 100% UV eye protection. The idea is simple : Offer affordable, real sunglasses designed just for kids.  Not Toys and not scaled-down versions of adult shades. Make them comfortable so kids can wear them durable so they can stand up to kid life and be cute too. Everyone loves sunlight. And everyone knows how it can do real damage, especially to kids. Four of every five parents these days use sunscreen on their kids. But what about their eyes. The American Academy of pediatrics say's children's eyes are at increased risk for permanent damage, from sunlight until they are at least 10 years old. And yet most children's sunglasses are sold as toys. Toy's are fun and great but not if they're expected to protect something as vital as your kids eyesight. 
All real shades are , 100% UV Protection as measured by the strictest American, European and Australian governing bodies. That means they protect your children from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Over exposure to UV rays can lead to more serious eye damage later in life. Our sunglasses are FDA Approved for protecting children's eyes against dangerous exposure to UVA and UVB rays.  Their banded glasses are designed for active kids We all want our kids to go outside and play in the sun and we want them to wear their sunglasses but if they don't stay on then they won't wear them. Real Kids Shades are made with shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate frames and lenses, because that is the best stuff for kids sunglasses.

They also contain no lead,bisphenol-A or phthalates. Our sunglasses are endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation and we work in partnership with Prevent Blindness America helping to raise awareness about the damaging effects of harmful Uv rays on our children's eyes through fundraising programs like this one. 

These sunglasses are really nice and Jordyn loves them she leaves them on without a problem. They also sent Jayce some too which I don't have him in the picture but will be shown below he actually leaves them on too. I know I want to protect my kid's eyes do you?
Well Real Kids Shades is kind enough to send one winner a pair of glasses of their choice.  Take a look at all the different shades they have to pick from Real Kids Shades. And follow the Rafflecopter Below.

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This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

Ducky Meter Review

   The Ducky Meter
To Hot

 This product is perfect for our family I have a son that is 5 months old and this comes in handy. We do have the original duck that is made by munchkins and it is ok but it is hard

to tell weather the water is actually really hot. With the Ducky Meter you don't have to worry about that. This ducky meter retails for $18.45 and you can buy this on Amazon .  The ducky meter is a thermometer for you baby that also doubles as a bath toy. It activates as soon as you place it in water. It calculates the bath water every second and also has 3 different colors for your convince Red means Hot, Green Means its perfect, and Blue means cold. The duck meter is safe and fun for in and out of the bath. It takes 3 triple A batteries which come with this product. This product is great I use it for all bath times I feel safe using this over the munchkin one because I know exactly what temp it will be and my son loves it he's at the teething stage right now she he loves chewing on it. 
Just Perfect

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.
To Cold

Huge Review/Giveaway started on my YouTube Channel

Just letting everyone know I have a real good Review and Giveaway on my Youtube Channel so if you have a account come check it out. It's a huge one you guys will love!!

Soap Hope Review/Giveaway

 Soap Hope is a Premium all-natural products for your life Body, Face, Home, Bath, and Cosmetics.
Our Mission
100% of the profits go to lift women from poverty. Healthcare, Education, Water, and Opportunity. Women are the key to ending poverty . Women save more, invest more, and are more likely to use their earnings to educate their children and break the cycle of poverty. Soap Hope creates a wonderful connection between successful women and developing women use our products to lift themselves out of poverty.

Amazing Products
"Soaps" their Luxurious bath bars with tantalizing aromas from Lemon-Geranium and Wild African Rose to Malagasy Cinnamon or even Rick Dark Chocolate.

"Face" Rejuvenating and anti-aging solutions for every skin type. Try Red Tea + Rose Facial Toner to soothe and calm skin, or Turkish Rpse and White Tea eye cream with CoQ10 to nourish and moisturize eyes. 

"Body" Healthful and nourishing body care for every skin  type and aroma preference. Body lotions and massage oils from premium makers to sooth, heal and revitalize.

"Cosmetics" All-natural never looked so good. Treat you skin to the shimmer and shine that only comes from natural minerals. Blush, Eyeshadow, lipstick, bronzer, concealer, foundation and more.

"Bath" Pamper yourself every day in the shower or bath with spa like quality shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and bath salts.  Remember to treat yourself with an amazing bath swizzle!

"Home"  It's more important than ever to keep our homes free of harmful chemicals.  Safe effective products for kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

 "Affiliate Program" One amazing thing about Soap Hope model is that you can do good for others while doing good for yourself and family too. Our affiliate program lets you share the message of Soap Hope and gives readers the opportunities, help women in need , and earn income for yourself too. When you join the affiliate program we will send you a unique tracking code and a unique coupon code. You will be able to earn refferal fees both online and offline using these codes. We will send you detailed instructions about how to use the codes. Soap Hope allocates 10% of each sale for affiliates and customers. You can learn more about it Here.

I think this is a awesome company and best of all it's for a good cause and you get some yummy smelling stuff to pamper yourself. I love the products I received! 

Soap Hope is sponsoring a giveaway one lucky winner will win a $25 dollar gift certificate to get the products of their choice!! ENTER HERE!

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

4X Motion Pedomoter Review

This is a great item for anyone who wants to keep up with their fitness. This pedometer retails for $17.95 and can be purchased on Amazon. The worlds most advanced 3d pedometer. Unlike other pedometers that don't always work the right way. The 4 X 3 motion digital pedometer utilizes the latest generation in Tri-Axis technology to provide superior accuracy in any position weather its up and down, flat, or on the side. It also uses Digital 3D Acceleration Sensor which is more accurate then Mechanical Sensors used in other pedometers. Small compact and slim it can fit in any pocket it even comes with a strap to put around your neck this is the ultimate personal trainer. It records steps, distance, average speed, calories burned, and time spent exercising and displays your data on a new bright lcd with a night view backlight. It filters out vibrations and only begins counting after it detects a sequence of continuous steps for accuracy. It comes with a lithium battery a bonus strap, and a instruction manual. I love this and me getting back into shape after having a baby it's perfect I love using this when walking with the kids in the neighborhood and running at home!   

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.


Montagne Jeunesse Review

Cleanse your skin with our Strawberry Souffle face mask for a purified, toned smooth complexion. Loaded with natural goodness which leaves skin hydrated and refreshed; allow your skin to breathe with soothing Aloe Vera & calming Vanilla. Experience the sensation of sheer Strawberry delight and enjoy deep cleansed, healthier skin.

My thoughts I love this product you feel like you have spent the day at the spa and what a nice treat this is for your skin.

 I got this product from Influenster which was included in my Holiday VoxBox. It is the Montagne Jeunesse  Face Mask in Strawberry Souffle.

This is really nice it is the perfect size for one use I would of loved to have more of it. The packaging is super creative they know how to get your attention with the bright colors and wild packaging. Their products are gluten free and no added parabens. The price on these are reasonable too around $1.99

My outtake on this product is that it is pretty awesome and I would definitely buy these in the store for a special treat or just to make me feel good. 

I received this product to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.

Gourmet Gift Baskets Review/Giveaway

Gourmet Gift Baskets is a online site that sells Award Winning Gift Baskets for Birthday's, Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's, Anniversary's, New Baby, Etc.  These Baskets very in price but they are so worth it. The basket I'm reviewing is the Christmas Basket. 

It was packed and loaded with lots of goodies that we just loved even Jordyn enjoyed these we had pretzels and dip to go with which was really good also came with different kinds of nuts, Chocolate, Peanut Brittle, all kinds of yummy goodness. Valentines Day is coming soon and how great would it be to get the one you love a gift basket. Check out the site to see what kinds they have Gourmet Gift Baskets. They have been featured on The Today Show, Fox News, Msnbc, The Boston Globe, and so much more. Some Categories they have are Baby, Baked Goods, Baseball, Beer, Breakfast, Candies, Champagne, Cheesecakes, and a ton more. The winner will receive this Basket.
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Impress Press on Manicure by Broadway Review

I was sent this by Influenster impress nails made by Broadway nails. Fast and Easy their are 24 nail covers in 12 sizes. When I first recieved these I thought their is no way these will work. I had my fair share of buying fake nails only for them to fall off within hours. These claim to last up to a week maybe even more. This is Revolutionary Nail Technology.

* Instant Manicure
* No Drying Time
* Superior, Lasting shine
* Easy Removal

To apply these all you need to do is find the correct size for your finger lay out your nails in the order you want them to go this makes it easier. Cleanse natural nail with enclosed prep pad. Then pull sticker part off the back of nail and apply pressure to nail It's that simple!!
And the packaging is so creative it's a polish bottle so cute. 

My thoughts I'd definitely purchase this product again their great for special occasions and the zebra print so cute!  

I was given this product by Influenster and these are my honest opinions.

MummaBubba Teething Jewelry Review/Giveaway

Mumma Bubba is a teething Jewellery for babies it is hospital grade silicone that is free from BPA, PVC, cadmium and lead. Their jewellery is made for mom's to wear and for babies to mouth and teeth on. This product is Australian owned. Their jewellery features a breakaway clasp for added safety so snagging can not occur, instead the clasp gently pulls apart leaving it safe for mom's to wear.

Their jewellery should not be unsupervised it is not a Toy. It should not be left alone with children or babies. When a baby is teething they like to gnaw and gum down on a lot of things anything really I know my son did but he loves this item.
As you can see from this picture he loves chewing on this of course I am watching him while I take this picture usually I have this around my neck. The preasure from biting down on this helps relive the pressure from under the gums. This is wear mummababy come into affect. Now mom's can wear Jewellery with confidence knowing your baby is chewing on something safe.
You can clean in warm soapy water and is also dishwasher safe.

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Bio-Oil Review/Giveaway

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of Scars, Stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It's unique formulation which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil is also highly effective for aging and dehydrated skin.

          * Has Vitamin A&E 
          * Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary& Chamomile Oils
          * Face & body
          * Non- greasy
          * Rapid absorbed
          * Hypoallergenic
          * Suitable for Sensitive Skin.

 How to see results this needs to be applied twice daily for a minimum of 3 months "90 days"
During pregnancy you would apply twice daily from the start of the second trimester. I used this product for a few chicken pox scars it has helped but the scar is not completely gone. I will continue to use this product.

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