Gourmet Gift Basket Goblin's Grub Popcorn Tin Review


Gourmet gift basket goblins grub popcorn Tin review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

This is the perfect popcorn tin for a Halloween party or any kind of Halloween get-together before the kids go out trick-or-treating. It comes with three different types of popcorn and this tin is overflowing. I love the design of this it is just a basic black with some orange detailing with a big pumpkin face on the top. I love every single flavor in this

ThredUp Ambassador October Monthly Finds


Disclaimer: I am a Thredup Ambassador however all opinions on the delivery, service, and quality of clothing are my own personal opinion! 

I have to start out by telling you I've been using ThredUp for a long time now and when I had the opportunity to become an ambassador there was no question about it. I love the concept that Thredup has about their consignment of new and used clothing. And they make it so easy to send in your gently used items. All you need to do is go either to the website or their app and request a bag. You have the option to get a bag with a prepaid label mail in the items that you don’t want and you can choose to take back the items they don’t keep or you can donate them. I always choose to donate to them what they don’t keep. If you would like the items returned you do have to pay a fee to get them back. But I figure if I didn’t want them from the beginning then I might as well donate them.

I choose two items from the website that I absolutely love and had somewhere in mind to wear these items. I chose a dress from American Eagle, and they cropped sweatshirt tops from American Eagle as well. 

Both of these items fit really well the first one I want to talk about is this dress by American Eagle at first I thought this dress was going to be super short and that it fits perfectly. This dress is cream in color and it has flowers all over it I am not normally a flower type of person however I am in love with this dress. It is in a size small normally with all dresses I wear a medium. So it fits me true to size. I also love the sleeves on it they are long sleeve that has the elastic on the end I actually wore this dress for my husband’s baptism. It normally retails for $50.00 however on this website I only paid $22.99. That is a big difference in the cost. This is what I’m talking about you getting great deals for high-quality items.

Christmas Gift Guide 2021


Welcome to my 2021 Christmas Gift Guide!!

Etsy Shop Crisp Sunrise DrawString Makeup Bag Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.



I love this crisp sunrise shop that sell a variety of different items but the item I received is this drawstring make up bag that retails for $18.99. You can pick a different type of design that you want your bag to be in.

Fall Essentials Guide Etsy Shop Orange Coast Rustic

 Orange Coast Rustic Etsy Shop

Round Decorative Wooden Tray

This round decorative wooden tray is great for making it the centerpiece of your kitchen or have it laying on an ottoman in your living room. Whatever way you choose to design it. It’s going to look gorgeous it can go with your home decor all year round. I have a few items on mine and ours on the kitchen counter for the fall. I added a candle, a little sign, a treat jar, and some salt and pepper shakers in a pumpkin design. 

But just be careful to not make sure anything splashes on this wood if it’s colored it will stain it. This is great really to put anything on you can get decorating ideas off of Pinterest. Or come up with your own this can be something that you do seasonally. And you can change out your decorations like I will do this for Christmas as well and put festive stuff on top of it.