Sleep Zzz Pillow Review

My kids both love this SleepZzz Pillow both of them have fought on who gets to lay on it every night since pretty much we've had it. They come in different designs however the design we received is white with pink and purple polka-dots. The kids sleep comfortably on this pillow at night and seem to fall asleep quicker and easier.

This pillow is designed to help children fall asleep quicker and easier which I have noticed with both children. Some of the designs they have are sports balls, chevron, and solid colors. They also make these for adults as well which is really nice for adults that have trouble falling asleep.

These pillows are so amazing I want to get one for myself as well. They are super soft and you can use these in different positions. I would highly recommend this pillow to any parents that are having trouble with their children falling asleep or four adults who have the same issue.

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