How to make family events special


How to Make Family Events Special

Common Dog Injuries You Should Know and How to Treat Them

Common Dog Injuries You Should Know and How to Treat Them

De-Stress In Style - 7 Ways To Beat The Blues In 2023


De-Stress In Style - 7 Ways To Beat The Blues In 2023

Oh my god! This is going to be long. If you are thinking that there are only 4 or 5 ways to de-stress in style, you are definitely mistaken. The year 2023 is all about innovation and excitement. Stress is piling up on almost everyone but people all over the world have found ways to dodge it.

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Deck Repair and Replacement


Tips to Reduce the Cost of Deck Repair and Replacement

A deck is a decorative expansion of your home that can be used for purposes such as entertaining visitors and spending quality time with family members.

Like any vital part of your home, the deck requires maintenance and sometimes repair or replacement. This may need you to spend money; fortunately, doing all of these does not have to be as expensive as the deck looks.

Only hire reputable deck repair contractors to prevent avoidable expenses. Deck leaks, for instance, can be caused by poor-quality materials, improper installation, and lack of drainage, among others.

Common causes of deck damage

Decks are usually designed without room and hence exposed to weather damage. The three common causes of deck damage are:


Moisture can cause mold to grow on a deck, resulting in wood rot. This will destroy the stains that protect the wood surface and eventually cause structural damage.

Bad weather

Storms can break tree branches and bring down erected poles. This can damage your deck.

Always clear the debris after the storm and inspect the deck thoroughly for any cracks.


Ultraviolet radiation makes wood fibers less resilient and more prone to cracking. To prevent this, your deck should be covered with UV light sealer.

How much does it cost to repair deck?

The total square footage and the choice of material primarily influence the cost of repairing or replacing a deck.

For natural wood, repair costs between $10 and $50 per square, while composite decking could cost between $25 to $60.

On average, homeowners spend $1,891 on deck repair.

Tips to reduce the cost of deck repair and replacement

Shop from reuse and recycle center

Repairing a deck could cost you between $790 to $3,050; to replace it, you might need to spend more than $10,000.

Whether repairing or replacing, you can save some cost by sourcing the needed materials from a reuse and recycle center near you.

They sell at a lower price compared to typical stores. It is common to get free materials at these centers. 


You do not necessarily have to be an expert to handle Do It Yourself (DIY) repairs of your deck. There are lots of online guides and videos you can check to get started.

Nevertheless, not all repairs should be DIY. Some are best left to the professionals to avoid complicating issues that can be expensive to resolve.

Common deck repair DIYs

  • Discoloration: Discoloring does not indicate any significant issue in your deck but can make it less attractive.
    To fix this, you will need first to scrape off the old stain, wash the deck, and then apply the new stain with good UV protection.
    It is best done in late summer or early fall when there is a lesser possibility of rainfall.
  • Slippery spots: The build-up of algae or moisture can make your deck slippery, which can be dangerous.

You can get rid of algae and moisture by pressure-washing the deck. It is also recommended that you wash your deck after snow or large event that involves activities such as grilling.

  • Cracks: Decks can last between 10 to 30 years. As they age, they may start showing cracks, and luckily, they can be easily fixed using DIY.
    If the crack is under six inches long, fill it with latex wood filler and seal it with a sealant.

Know when to repair and replace

Knowing your deck's age and the material type will help determine whether to repair or replace it.

Wood decks can last up to 15 years, while composite can last up to 30 years. Decks consisting of capped polymer can last for 50 years.

Sometimes, a deck does not need replacement but refinishing. For this process, you may need to:

  • Repair the deck
  • Clean it
  • Power wash
  • Sand it
  • Stain/seal

Repair and replace during the offseason

Repairing and replacing decks during an off-peak season has a lot of saving potential. The login is simple; even though the labor cost might not change, the price of materials will likely be lower. It is an economy of demand and supply.

The cheapest time of the year to replace a deck is during winter. 

Take necessary precautions

Taking the necessary precautions and maintenance can make your deck last longer and also prevent damages that could require repairs or replacements.

  • Avoid building a deck using wet wood. They will shrink once dried and cause gaps which you will need to spend to repair.
  • Regularly inspect the deck for any defects.
  • Avoid using rugs or mats made from natural materials, as they can trap moisture. Covers made from synthetic materials are better.
  • Indeed, paints can beautify your deck, despite, do not use them as a sealant. Weather conditions like sunlight can easily damage them.
  • Sweep the deck during off-seasons.

Tips To Make Moving to Your Next Home Easier

Tips To Make Moving to Your Next Home Easier

Moving to a new home is often a stressful time. There’s a lot to think about, on top of all your current obligations. As a parent, you likely already have enough on your plate, and now you need to start thinking about completely uprooting your life and going somewhere else. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will hopefully allow you to organize your moving process and make it less stressful. 

Start Planning Early

The biggest thing you can do to make your next move easier is to start planning early. There’s a lot to do and trying to save it all for the last minute will only create more stress. Once you know that you’re moving, start planning out all the things you need to do. Make yourself a checklist that you can easily access at all times, such as on your phone. Then, each time you think of a new item or you accomplish something, you can update the list right away. Another benefit of creating the list on your phone is that you can share it with others, such as your spouse.

If you’re not sure where to start with your list, there are some great moving checklists online already. Find one of these lists, then edit it to suit your needs. Share it with anyone else involved in the move, and as time goes on, you’ll find that preparing this simple list ahead of time helps to alleviate a lot of your stress by keeping your move more organized.

Work with the Best Realtor

Buying a new home and selling your current one is a complicated process. To help you navigate through it, you’ll likely want the help of an experienced real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you find a new home, if you don’t have one already, and show your home to potential buyers. They can also provide invaluable information along the way, such as how to secure a mortgage or the steps you need to follow to sell your home. If you don’t already have a realtor, look for the top real estate agents in your area. Browse through a few options, then pick someone that has a strong track record of success.

Find a Good Moving Team

The next important thing you’ll need is a good moving team. If you’ve ever moved from one location to another, you know how much it involves. Trying to do it all on your own, or with just the help of friends and family, is sure to tire you out. While working with a moving team will raise the expense of your move, it’s typically worth it.

A good moving team will do all of the heavy lifting for you, literally. They’ll transfer all of your belongings to a moving truck, then unload them at your destination, ensuring that they arrive safely. They can also help you pack up your things or assemble furniture, depending on the moving service. Research some movers in your area, then select one that has a strong reputation and reasonable prices.

Look for Ways to Save on Packaging Materials

One of the bigger costs associated with moving is the packaging materials. You’ll need a lot of supplies, like boxes, packaging tape, and bubble wrap to help transfer everything to your new place. The cost of these materials adds up, making it a good idea to find ways to save money. For example, there are likely some ways to find free moving boxes in your area. You can also use things you have around the home instead of bubble wrap, like blankets or carpets. Even if you don’t use these strategies to supply your entire move, you may be able to significantly reduce the costs.

Perform a Deep Clean of Your Current Home

Finally, before you move, it’s a good idea to give your home a deep cleaning. This doesn’t necessarily mean scrubbing the tiles or dusting behind the bookshelves. Instead, you should go from room to room and see which things you no longer need. You’ve likely accumulated a lot of things over the years that you don’t need to bring to your new home. By selling, donating, or throwing away these items, you reduce the amount of work you need to do to move. You may even be able to save money on your moving costs, as your movers won’t have to work as long.

Don’t Stress Over Moving

Moving is a big process but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a stressful one. If you can find some time to plan ahead and keep yourself organized throughout, you can reduce a lot of the stress that comes from moving. Add in the cost-saving measures mentioned above and you should find that your next move goes a lot easier than you thought it would.

Get Your Home Ready for Summers


Get Your Home Ready for Summers


The summer months are rapidly approaching. Therefore it is time to start preparing your home to withstand the heat. The heat can harm your home and your health whether you live in a hot, humid environment or a dry, arid one. To guarantee that you remain cool and comfortable indoors during the summer, your home must be prepared. In this article, we'll go over some tips for preparing your house for the summer so it can withstand the heat. 


Clean the air conditioner 

One of the most important tasks you can do to get your home ready for summer is to give your air conditioner a good cleaning. An unclean air conditioner will not perform well, resulting in increased energy expenditures and possible breakdowns. Instead, you can get a trained technician to inspect and clean your device. 


Putting up attic fans 

Advanced solar technologies are used by solar attic fans to effectively vent heat and moisture from your attic that can harm your property and increase energy expenses. Thanks to these fans, your attic maintains a cool, dry environment, increasing your comfort and extending the lifespan of your roof. 

Home Bathroom Design Trends for 2023 and Beyond


Home Bathroom Design Trends for 2023 and Beyond