Summer Essentials Zuru Toys Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

The kids got quite a few items from Zuru toys some of the items the kids received were smashers, five surprises, shnooks, and bunch o balloons. The kids are really excited to get all these items I'm going to tell you a little bit about them individually and what we thought about them.

The first item I want to tell you about is the smashers these were for my son and he absolutely loves them. These are little red balls that when open and you receive a surprise to open these you have to smash them "Smashers" inside the smashers my son received a little sports figures and he is really into that right now so he absolutely loves that. I think most of all he just loved smashing them open you know boys. Always wanting to be destructive. So he went through each ball to smash it open to see what he had we received a Pack of eight. Six of them came in the surprise balls and two came alone.

The next item is the five surprises these come in a ball and divided up into sections there is a blue one and a pink one. Basically what this is is a surprise ball that has five different toys all geared toward a boy or a girl. You hit the ball to separate the section and then after that, you go through and open each section and see what surprise you have. Some of the prices range from balloons, little figures, jewelry and so much more. Both my son and daughter all of these balls and loved the anticipation of getting different surprises.

The next item the kids got is Shnooks basically you open up their bubble and they grow up to eight times in size. These are ideal for most girls but boys can play with them as well. You basically take them out of the bubble and shake them. You can style their hair put it up and hair clips or hair bands they come with different hair accessories and their hair is beautiful and fluffy. My daughter received Shmiley and Shazam and she loves fixing their hair and shaking them wear their hair flips out. This would be a great gift for any girls birthday they are very colorful and soft.

Then last but not least they were able to review Bunch o Balloons these are water balloons perfect for the summertime so they couldn't have came at a better time. Basically, you remove air from the hose connects the balloons then rested on the surface and then they fill up after they fill they pull away from the hose. Then it's ready to party and start throwing the balloons at your target. We received the avengers ones.

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