Organic Anti Hair Loss Professional Shampoo, 14.1 Oz Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I am loving this Organic Anti-hair loss shampoo by Agol The shampoo is made from plants and prevents anti-hair loss and promotes the regrowth and stimulating. This shampoo repairs the roots and fortifies the follicles making hair healthier stronger and stops hair loss. 

This is a 14.1 ounce bottle which is pretty big and will last you a while. This shampoo smells pretty amazing if I do say so myself. It has a really fresh and clean scent. This shampoo also has balanced PH and decreases dandruff while fortifying scalp problems. 

This shampoo contains seaweed extract's and is perfect for men and women this shampoo helps minimize scalp inflammation, dandruff, and itching. Which I have everything. No kind of shampoo has seems to work for me. I don't want to use dandruff shampoo all the time because I like to try out different things. So this shampoo is perfect because it smells pretty amazing and works great on the scalp. 

I can tell you that the shampoo doesn't lather up like most shampoos but if you put a generous amount in your hair it will. That doesn't mean it's going to not clean your hair. This is perfect for individuals that have a lot of hair loss when shampooing. This shampoo can even be used for kids or young adults.

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