Nadine West Clothing January Review


Disclaimer I received this bag for my honest opinion your opinions may differ from mine.

If you are aware of Nadine West, a clothing company that gears towards women’s clothing, all you have to do is take an online quiz and you’ll get a stylist who will pick items out for you and mail them. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and if they’re not what you like, all you do is send them back in the prepaid envelope and won’t be charged for it. What a great start to the new year to start your own brand new wardrobe with Nadine West. 

Nadine West Clothing December Bag


Another month has went by and we have gotten our bag for December through Nadine West. Nadine West is a monthly clothing subscription service where you can fill out a style profile and then you have your own stylist pick out a number of items. When you get the items you try them on to see what you like and what you don’t like you can return to Nadine West and not pay for them. I really enjoyed Nadine West. They have some items sometimes that are hit or misses however, it is a good way to try on different things to see what you like without going out and about.

How To Get Started With Upcycling


The end of one year and the start of a new one tend to give people a renewed sense of creativity and things they want to do. High on that list are hobbies! More specifically, hobbies that take time, have skills and are creative but also something that you do with your hands. 

8 Top Tips For Moving Across Country


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Start Your Year Right: Essential Health Checks for a Vibrant 2024


A new year provides the ideal opportunity to recommit to living well - this includes your health. After an increasingly indulgent, stressful, and less active year than expected, now is an opportune moment to set 2024 off right with essential health checkups that could bring new hope for better physical and overall well-being.

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Christmas Gift Guide with Vegamour Hair Products Review/Overview


Disclaimer I received these products in my honest opinion all opinions are my own, and you may have different opinions that are different from mine, which does not make it bad. Everyone has different hair.

VIORA Dry Shampoo Campaign

Disclaimer I received these products for my honest review these are my opinions yours may differ.

I am reviewing this dry shampoo by Viora it definitely works with the hair and also fluffs it out a little bit to give it a little bit of body. This is great to use in between washings. If you’re trying to train your hair to not be so oily this is a great product to use during that time.

Advice For Protecting Yourself On Your Self-Care Journey


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Accentuating Your Best Features: A Guide to Embracing Your Unique Body

Every individual possesses distinctive body features that set them apart. From sharp jawlines, broad shoulders, and narrow waists to long graceful legs - every body part showcases who you are as an individual. This article serves as your guide on how to accentuate these features to increase natural allure while building confidence and self-esteem.

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How to Choose the Right Gift for a Loved One

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How To Become A Successful Event Planner

How To Become A Successful Event Planner

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5 Ways Parents Can Support Their Child's Love For Music

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How To Make The Holidays Memorable For Your Family 

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it, a lot of fun. It's no news that many people find this season a time to connect with their families and loved ones while having a good time. Oh, and you also don't want to forget about the gifts and the food. Basically, Christmas puts a smile on the faces of many. But you don't have to follow the conventional way of celebrating. Make it a point to challenge your family to do something new. There are so many activities your family participates in that will be on their minds for a very long time, including the following. 

What You Can Do to Nurture the Tiny Mind of Your Newborn

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7 Tips For Running A Business From Your Bedroom

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4 Tips For Running A Successful Law Firm


4 Tips For Running A Successful Law Firm

'Balancing Work and Life: Tech Solutions for Busy Entrepreneurs'

Juggling the demands of running a business and enjoying a fulfilling life can feel like walking on a tightrope. It's all about finding that balance, where even the slightest misstep can lead to everything falling apart. But don’t worry – technology has our back with a variety of tools designed for busy entrepreneurs.

In this article, we’ll explore some tech wonders that aim to make our lives a little easier. We're talking about ways to conquer packed schedules and streamline our business processes.

Lugz Women’s Legacy Oxford Sneakers Review


The women’s legacy Oxford sneaker is a really nice sneaker for more of a casual sporty type of look. I chose the white/pink to go and wear to work with my scrubs. If you were going to be on your feet all day, I suggest wearing these in a little bit before wearing them all day if you’re on your feet. My feet did hurt by the end of the day but I will tell you it is because the shoe was new to me like I said I would wear them in periodically before wearing them all day if I were on your feet. 

3 Tips For Ensuring Your Customers Are Happy


3 Tips For Ensuring Your Customers Are Happy 

Make a list of the most important things you need for your business - just the top three is enough. Did you include customers? They’re easy to forget when you’re thinking about what you need to make your business successful and reach your goals, but when you stop and think about it, you’ll see they’re vital; how could you have a business if you didn’t have any customers? 

And just having customers really isn’t enough either; you need to do whatever you can - within reason, of course (you don’t want to end up losing money) - to make them happy. Happy customers are more likely to leave positive reviews, to spread the word about your business, and to come back and spend more money with you. It pays (literally) to look after your customers, and with that in mind, here are some tips to help you do just that. 

Lugz Women’s Mantle Hi Boot Review


These lugz women’s mantle hi boots are, really stylish they are perfect for the upcoming winter time or even if you want to use them as a fashion piece added to your outfit, they have a variety of different colors, such as soft pink/whisper, white, black, olive/cream/gum, bubble gum, pink/cream/gum, golden wheat/cream/gum, and so many other colors. They have a total of eight different colors. I really like these to pair up with jeans or even a pair of leggings. They would even look good during the summertime with a pair of shorts you just have to know how to style them.