AleoBeauty Portable Laser Mole Freckle Plasma Removal Pen

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I am really excited about this Aleobeauty portable laser mole freckles plasma remover pen this pen you can remove moles and freckles from the areas that you want you can even remove warts. I got this specifically to remove tattooed makeup that I have on my eyebrows you can also do that with this pen. To be honest with you I am really excited about this but I'm also a little nervous I have already started using it and I will admit it is going to be a little painful.

I used around a freckle I had and this does hurt I'm not going to lie and you can smell an odor to me it kind of smells like skin burning. But if there is something big you want to test on smaller stuff just a suggestion so that way you can work your way up to doing the bigger stuff.

I love the led light at the end of this to help you see better and to see what you're doing.

It's best to use the fine needle for smaller spots and for bigger areas to use the course. This pen can also remove warts be safe using this and start out slow and if you have questions please contact the company. 

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