Nothrow Review/Giveaway

This was very fast shipping. I received these items super fast. One day Twin Sister's Karla and Karen came up with the idea of the Bottle Nothrow and the pacifier Nothrow tethers because while traveling back and fourth they were having issues with there kids bottles and sippy cups falling on the floor in the air planes and there cars. They said there has to be something they can make to fix this problem. So they came up with the idea of these. In my opinion these are genius such a great way to keep the bottle, sippy cup, and pacifier near. I received 1 bottle nothrow and 1 pacifier tether like most pacifier's and most sippy cups are bottles are always falling on the floor not with these. We haven't been out to test the sippy cup nothrow but it is very sturdy. The pacifier tether is amazing I love this it doesn't budge from his clothes at all. We had one from the store with my daughter it was plastic and would always come off I highly recommend these to anyone it will save a lot of time wiping them off and no pacifier wipes either they can get expensive considering how often the pacifier falls on the ground.
Please go and check them out on the web
What to win 2 of your own? Your choose?
Now for the Giveaway Rules
1. Must be at least 18 or parents permission.
2. Go and like there facebook and Thank them for Sponsoring the giveaway on my Blog.
3. Enter once either on here or on my Youtube "Not Both"
4. Go to there site and tell me if you won what design you would want and you can pick 2 one of each or both the same.
Good Luck!! Giveaway Ends October 6th 2011.

Vitamin Baby Blankie Buddy Review/Giveaway

First I would love to say how fast shipping was and it got here super quick! I received this item in no time.Vitamin Baby is more then a accessories site they also sell Clothing, Books, Shoes, Ect Since 1965. I received one Blankie Buddy the Giraffe this was so cute and attracted my attention from the originality of the product it is not like your regular blanket animal this product is not bulky or anything doesn't take up much room at all. This is very soft for your baby to cuddle with soft to the touch. This item is machine washable and you can dry in dryer but I would suggest laying it out to dry I haven't washed ours yet but it just looks like it should be laid flat to dry. A 2 pk retails for $20 dollars they have a small variety Bear,Bunny,Giraffe,Lion,monkey,puppy,zebra,the zebra comes in blue or pink. If you would like to check out there site and order you some Blankie Babies click here
Now for the Giveaway: This is a giveaway on my Youtube Channel and this Blog. You can enter once here or for a second entry you can also enter on my Youtube to have a extra chance to win. This giveaway is for only the USA. 1 winner will receive there choice of a boy or girl set you will tell me which one you want a boy or girl they pick what kind. Giveaway Rules:       
1. Must be 18 years of age or parents permission

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Giveaway Ends October 4, 2011 Good Luck!!

Party Planning Checklists

This is perfect for that special occasion . This takes the work out of planning. When hosting parties Food is a important part. It is mandatory for you to have enough recipes for the number of guests attending. This ebook was created to help entertainers to choose the right recipes and also keep everything organized . This is includes a chart to list the entire menu for a party. 
Checklists that are included:
1. Recipies by Catagory
2. Recipe Preparation Day
3. Grocery List
4. Table Arrangment
5. Beverage Cooler's
6. Garbage and Recycle Bins
This helps plan the party so you don't have too.
Do you want your own party planning checklist go here to download your own for free after providing your email or liking them on facebook.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

DaVinci Gourmet Syrup's Review/Giveaway

DaVinci Gourmet Syrup's 
First off I have to say the shipping was very fast. What I love about these syrups are they supports coffee kids and if you don't know what coffee kids are they are a international non-profit Organization established to improve the quality of life for children and family's who live in coffee growing communities. I love these because you can use these for mult-purpose things you can add these to coffee drinks, Soda's, Lemonade, Tea, and you can even use these for Baking, also mixed drinks, shakes. And if you you love sweet stuff you can add it to sweets to my fav. This company was nice enough to send me Classic Vanilla, Classic Hazelnut, and Sugar Free Raspberry. My Favorite was the Vanilla! The Sugar Free Raspberry not so much but that is only cause I love sweet stuff. These are great to have in the home for multiple reasons. I highly recommend. If you would like to check them out head over to there site.
Now for the Giveaway one lucky winner 3 375ml of there choice from the selected Flavor's.
Classic Vanilla 
Classic Hazelnut
Classic Caramel
Classic Kahlua
Classic Raspberry
Sugar Free Vanilla
Sugar Free Hazelnut
Sugar Free Caramel
Sugar Free Kahlua
Sugar Free Raspberry
Tell me in the comment's below if you won which Flavor's you would like and why and Check out my Youtube for a second Entry. And leave your blogger name. Also go check out my twitter if you like and follow for up to the date info! 
Must be 18 years of age or have parents permission.
Must be a follower of my blog.
Good Luck Giveaway Ends: October 1st 12 pm.

Wild Dill Review/Giveaway

Kenana Knitter Critter 
This is a Home Spun Hand Knitted By Rural Women from Kenya 100% natural Wool.
Kenana Knitter Critters charming designs are created from all natural homespun wool bought from local Kenyan women. The wool is dyed from plants grown in our Garden. Kenana Knitter Critter  are rural women who utilise knitting skills to support there family's. We picked out the Zebra I love this and it was hand made which makes it even better Jayce is only 5 weeks but he seems to like this and it's natural. Also I love that they put the name on the tag of who made this. I will keep this around my son all the time so maybe this will be his favorite thing for comfort.

Winner will get a $35 dollar Gift Card via Email
Giveaway Rules:  Like Wild Dill on Facebook and Thank them for Sponsoring JennandJasonm giveaway let them know your from my written blog or if your from blog and youtube.
Comment Below on What you would spend the Gift Card on. And you followed all rules.
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Good luck! Giveaway Ends Wednesday September 28, 2011 at 9pm.

Boogie Wipes Review/Giveaway 2pk 30ct

Boogie Wipes dissolve mucus caused by allergies  and the common cold. They provide a extra soft, hypoallergenic and alcohol free alternative to dry tissues. We tried these out and my daughter loves them they are so gentle on the nose and very refreshing we tried the clean scent so far and I can tell you we love them already. When my kids have stuffy and runny noses I will be using these.
They come in clean scent, grape, menthol, or unscented. New from boogie wipes are Saline Soothers moisturizing nose wipes.
Now on to the Giveaway check out my Youtube page for a second Entry once video is up links to my page is on the widget on this blog. Giveaway Rules :
US, Canada and Australia
Check out there website at 
1. Must be 18 years of age or parents permission
2. Go to there Facebook Like them and Thank them for Sponsoring JennandJasonM Giveaway

5. Also comment Enter me below on here and tell me what scent you would like 
fresh, grape, menthol, or unscented
6. Go check out my Youtube for a Extra Entry and post a comment with your blog name and follow all the rules on that video.
Good Luck!! Giveaway Ends Sunday September 25,2011

Tommee Tippee Bottle Review/Giveaway 5 oz

Closer to Nature Intuitively designed for easier & more natural feeding. I love these bottles my son just took to them really well and he was on a different type of nipple these are similar to the breast and I would totally suggest these bottles to mom's that are wanting to feed from the bottle also. This mimics natural feel and flex & movement of breastfeeding, easier to latch on, it also has a advance colic valve anti gas advanced easi -vent. It is scientifically designed to be most like nature for comfortable, stress-free feeding. Flow rate increases with age. These bottles are shaped for intuitive hold for baby and you. This is BPA Free & Phthalate free. These bottles are 5 oz Please go check out their site They also have this great new feature on there site it's a free digital storybook called the day babywas born. You can capture your first moments of when your baby is born here is the link The Day Baby Was Born™, you can even take stuff off your facebook to add to your moments. Please go check it out.

Now for the Giveaway If your interested in winning a 3pk of 5oz bottles go check out my Youtube page and watch the video once it is up comment on my video and blog and tell me you followed the required rules and comment below on here and youtube letting me know your following this blog for a extra chance to win. Good Luck.
Twitter: @TommeeTippee_NA

Woombie Review/Giveaway

Woombie is a company Voted #1 Swaddle, Easiest to use, Most Effective, Feels Natural, Safest Design. The Woombie is Recommended by Pediatricians, Nurses,Doulas, Physical Therapists, and Countless Moms & Dads. Comfortable Soft Eco Cotton Fabric gently hugs baby. Baby feels secure not confined,easing the transition from Womb to World.

Safe Follows Pediatrician & Sids Guidlines, Maintains Airflow and will not overheat baby.
No loose blankets covering airways, Prevents face scratching.
Effective Prevents unnecessary waking due to startle reflex, soothes babies with colic, will not come undone, Promotes natural motor development, Easy to use just zip it up.

My personal experience I was thinking my son would be confined and not like this I was so wrong he was cranky and then i wiped him down changed him and put him in this he was silent went to sleep and slept for hours he loves this. So we tried it a second night he was cranky again and put it back on and again he loves it!!!
Please check out there site at

If your interested in Winning a Woombie Check out my video on YouTube for the rules. You may enter on there once the video is Live. For a extra entry follow my blog and post in the video your blogger name. Good luck