Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder Review

          The Ozeri Pro Electric Pepper Grinder is a great product it is great for anyone who likes fresh ground pepper. It retails for $19.95 you can find this on Amazon as well. I have bought pepper grinders in the past that have never really worked great for me. This one is really nice the pepper grinds nicely. I have never owned a battery operated one I love it. It grinds up the pepper finely. I have used this for cooking and adding pepper corn to my meals. This requires 4 double A batteries. This is designed for one-handed use. It automatically activates when inverted for effortless dispensing of freshly ground seasonings. This is nice for any home Kitchen Decor. It has a transparent storage container to store your pepper corns, salt, etc. I'm in love with this item and can't stop using it. It also features a finger print resistant ultra soft grip the attention grabbing.

Nellie's All Natural Dryer Ball's Review

Nellie's Dryer Balls are a natural product used in the dryer to dry clothes evenly and soften the material naturally. Dryer balls move air efficiently through the dryer this reduces drying by 15-25%. If you put them on 10 min medium heat they will take all the wrinkles out.
These take the place of fabric softener. Dryer Balls will last you anywhere from 3-5 years. You will also save on electricity but not having to dry over and over due to clothes not drying evenly. These are toxic-free and environmentally friendly Also hypoallergenic. You can not use these with scented sticks though. In my opinion these are great. I'm always looking for a way to save money and these are awesome I have always had clothes done in the dryer but when I get down to the bottom of the laundry there is always clothes that are still wet which cause me to have to run them again. Not with these they dry all my clothes evenly and make them super soft.

 This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

Big Belly Banks Review

Big Belly Banks are Handcrafted American made wooden coin banks made for children and kids of all ages these are perfect gifts for Baby showers, Christmas, Etc. They are not just the normal standard piggy bank they have different character's they come in 
Trains, Flower's, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Cats, Fish, Dragons, Elephants, Giraffe's, Alligator's, Dolphin's, Football, and Baseball themed banks. All banks can be personalized for free. And they can include a gift card with your message. It takes all coins and can hold up to 1000 quarters. The owner John Chesnut he invented the banks for his 5 children he thought they were really neat so he took them to a craft show and sold 970 of them in one weekend. All together he has sold about 700,000 of them. Big Belly Banks is a small family business with him and his wife running the company. These banks make the perfect gift. The one I have for review is the Dinosaurs and it is for my son. However my 2 year old daughter is in love with this every time I have money to put in it she wants to help and it's super cute and the size is perfect I was expecting something a lot smaller and this is definitly not small which I love very decorative and it get's a ton of attention when guests come over. Please go check them out Big Belly Banks this would be a nice gift for a child for the holiday's and will teach them the meaning of saving.  
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Send a Ball Review

Send a Ball is a really cute idea you can have a ball delivered that has a special message on it this is something very personalized. Send one for occasion Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Etc. This small family business in Chicago was started by two Ballsy Sisters who live across the street from each other in the same Chicago neighborhood they grew up in. They have been sending ball's since the 90's but in 2003 they turned it into a business.    
Well you ask how did this come to be well Michele knows 
the direct mail world so she knew the mail rules. She spent years mailing silly things.
One day she saw a bin of bouncy balls and said I can mail this. 
So she bought one and decided to do so she took a sharpie and mailed
the ball to her best friend and titled it Have a Ball with your new baby she loved it so they started doing this for other occasions. And Send a Ball was Born. I love this. Check out there site here Send A Ball. Even if your just Thinking of Someone this is a great way to let them know.

zChocolat Review

zChocolat what a wonderful Chocolate I absolutely love this I'm really a sweets kind of girl and this was so yummy of course I haven't finished it yet but once you try one it is hard to stop. This is no ordinary chocolate this chocolate would be really good with some coffee or even a glass of wine. Pascal Caffet has created 26 exquisite recipes numbered 0-24 including the zChocolat exclusively for Zchocolat. Their combined experience has resulted in worldwide availability of the finest french chocolates in the world. These are only available online  These signature dark,milk or white chocolates include rich ganaches prepared with the highest quality French butter and cream and finely textured pralines with an avant-garde mixture of Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts. Caffet's secret is his combination of artistic passion, culinary purity and years of experience. These are perfect for Valentines Day coming or for a Birthday Gift or just to tell that someone special that you love them. I know I would love these chocolates all year round. Shipping for this item was really fast and they ship DHL Express. As you can see in the picture these chocolates come in the cute wooden box that can be used after for storage for anything so 2 things in one how great is that. And what I really liked was the booklet it comes with describing the chocolates to you. So you know exactly what your eating.  And a personalized card if you decide to give this as a gift. You can put what message you want in it. Everything from Dark Chocolate to White Chocolate, Chocolates with Carmel in them, Etc.. Check out their site to get your chocolate for all occasions. zChocolat.
Best Chocolate 

Secret Pocket Pillow Review

What a great Concept Secret Pocket Pillow for kids so much more then a pillow. It has a secret a hidden pocket what fun can that be kids can store Toys, Rings, Notes, Play Makeup, Toy Trucks, Dolls, Etc.. All you do is unzip the top and see how much this pillow really fits. It's soft and matches any home decor. You can have a secret pocket pillow too. They come in all different designs and color's Florence Flower, Bella Butterfly, Cody Car, and Rocco Rocket. These pillows retail for $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping But, if you buy additional pillows their $16.95 plus $5.95 shipping.  Just in time for the holiday's . This is a perfect gift if you know a toddler, or child that has a great imagination and likes to hide or keep things a secret. The one we have is Rocco the Rocket but my son is still to little to use but I can see him using it for trucks or action figures so cute love this item.


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Costume Squad Review/Giveaway

SunBaby Diapers

Teething Bling!

The Shelving Store Mini Locker Review

Today I am reviewing a great product from The Shelving Store. I'm reviewing there Mini Lockers in Black. I was really happy when this came in the mail the black is perfect because it can be interchanged and put in my daughter's room or my son's room. They let you hand pick the number that is on the locker which is nice I picked 18 which can go for either child her birthday is in January his in August and my mom birthday this month that passed to soon. Shipping for this item came pretty quick too. And everything was packed so well. My Daughter loves putting her books and lets her barbie dolls in the inside of the locker like there sitting and watching whats going on. If you would like to add this to your child's Decor come check it out The shelving store and if you like the mini locker we have check it out here Black Mini Locker

These are good as nightstands to put by your child's bed or in small spaces where you can't fit a lot but can fit a lot in this mini locker also you can put it in your closet. Your child can put anything there little heart desires in this locker and if they want to keep it private you can buy a lock in there fav color for me I could add a pink lock for my girl or if we rotate and use for my boy we can use a blue lock very versatile love it and you should go check out Mini Locker's

Baby Beltz Review/Giveaway

Baby Beltz a online shop for Toddlers that sells cute Toddler Purses and Also toddler beltz. I've had the privilege in the past to review there toddler purse. Today I'm reviewing for you a toddler belt they have Dring beltz, Military Beltz, Leather, and Rhinestone Belts but today I'm reviewing for you there Velcro Toddler Belt. I have to say I personally haven't see a belt like these before these beltz are awesome even if it's a little big the velcro makes it fit snug. I am reviewing the Navy Blue Velcro Ajustable Belt this belt fits so nice and snug on Jordyn. They also make boy beltz too.

 These belts are made really great and retail for  
around $16.00 which is great. Christmas is right around the corner and this would be perfect for any young child they have varieties D-Ring BeltsMilitary BeltsLeather Belts, And don't forget the Rhinestones Belts. Go check out Baby Beltz.
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Diapers Naturally Review

Diapers Naturally is a online company started by Jennifer Manthey. A stay at home mom of 1 son she started this company because she is a cloth diapering mom who didn't like the idea of buying products online without looking at the products first. But, they couldn't find a store in the area.
If their is something your looking for and can't find it don't worry just ask and they will order it. This site sells anything cloth diaper related one size diapers, pocket diapers, fitted diapers, flips, laundry detergent, wet bags, you name it they sell it. With the hot diaper brands Fuzzibuns, Flip, gdiapers, Thirsties Covers, and more. The store is based out of Coatesville, Pa. You can even host a cloth diaper party if you all ready cloth diaper spread the word have friends over and if your in the area of Chester County Pa call to book a party Book One Hereand if not just come take a look at there site Diaper's Naturally. These diapers are so absorbant and nice. I love them a you should to go check her out she is very helpful with any questions you have about cloth diapering.

Sprayology Review/Giveaway

Sprayology was made to help people feel better naturally by providing quality effective,easy to use wellness products. Sprayology was found over 10 years ago because of the needs of it's founders who were dealing with physical disillusionment, aging illness and lack of natural options to help them live better. Founding Sisters Patti and Ellie believed they were healthy but with both taking multiple conventional medications daily they realized they wern't experiencing the health they were  seeking. The sisters chose homeopathy as there daily option to become healthier and it's effective, safe, and no side effects. That is how sprayology was invented. As sprayology continues to grow it is led by it's founding inspiration and core direction.

Sprayology comes in a variety of Categories to pick from rejuvenates, relives, restores, rebuilds. Today I am reviewing Hair and Nail Tonic it helps promote hair and nails while reliving symptoms of dull and slow growing hair, dry scalp and brittle nails. This is recommended for those who want to achieve healthy hair and strong nails safe and naturally.  1.38 oz retails for $24.00. Visit Sprayology to check out there other items.
Sprayology is kind enough to sponsor a giveaway 1 winner will receive 1.38 oz Spray of Hair and Nail Tonic. Follow all the Rafflecopter Rules Below Us and Canada Only. 

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Review

Milan and his wife started this company they got a phone call about styrofoam ceiling tiles on a yard sign. They were not very happy about installing styrofoam ceiling tiles. When he first saw the tiles he thought they were garbage but since he has painted them his opinion changed.  This is a online company that sells Decorative Ceiling tiles. If you want to change the look to something or spice up a dull room add some of these tiles to the ceiling you can even use these as back drops to take pictures. There made of Pvc, 24 X 24, Tin look with no metal, Easy drop in Installation, Cuts with Scissors, Affordable, Will not Rust, and very light weight. If you are interested check it out here Decorative Ceiling Tile

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

The Great UGLee Pen Review/Giveaway

These pens are very odd shaped and I thought when I received it was just going to look like a regular but it's not in fact it's so different I really like it and I am a pen person I love pens I left these laying out and noticed my husband too one I was so mad. When I picked this pen up I could tell the difference between them pens and regular pens this one wasn't heavy and it felt like jelly on the outside it was easy to hold and very cushiony I love it. I write down a lot of stuff and make notes and lists through the day and this pen seem to not hurt my hands like other pens did a plus side with these kind of pens I find a lot of smudging and with this one no smudging at all. 
The UGLee pen was designed by a Doctor. He came up with the idea after spending hours writing notes orders, charts, and other things Doctors write. He designed the pen to be lightweight you don't have to grip the pen it grips you it's not sticky but the outer layer seems to grasp the fingers well. So go check out the UGLee pen here you won't be sorry if your a pen lover like me you will love this.  UGLee Pen.
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Qwik Shower Review

Want to Freshen up and don't have time to jump in the shower which we all know showers are not always Qwik want it to be Qwik and Simple this is the  product for you Big Qwik Wet Wipes. These are perfect to carry around in your purse, gym bag, locker, backpack, and even your car or pocket for you to freshen up quickly. These are Huge there about 10X12 in size. These smell pretty good they have that clean scent to them and it helps they have Aloe Vera extract in them to protect and revitalize the skin. Say your going to the beach but don't want to go all the way home to shower up and go back out take one of these with you and you won't have to worry about that you can just use this and freshen up. If you like and are interested in these go to Qwik Shower. You can even buy them in bulk from packs of 1, 10, 50, 100. Go check them out!!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

EBook How to find Amazing Domain Names for your Blog Review

Finding a good Website name is not easy and this book will help you out with that. There is hope on finding that perfect name. There are seven characteristics on finding a name that will suit you. 1. The name should be short
2. Also the name should be easy to remember
3. Contains Keyword your blog name should have something that describes you.
4. Brandable go for brandable names example something like facebook, myspace names that are well known or could be popular.
5. Dot com domain its better to get a .net name most of the time we always think of the dot com version.
6. Hard to mistake avoid example the and my and numbers 
7. Hard to misinterpret you want to have a name that is not hard to see what the name is example expertsexchange.com. is this experts exchange or expert sex exchange.

Hope you can find Amazing Domaine Names in the Future.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Christopher Pop-In-Kins Review

This Book and doll set is the perfect thing to add to your Christmas Decor. Santa's First Elf based on the 1960's family tradition, Christopher Pop-In-Kins is one of the oldest Christmas Elf's available today. In late November Santa sends Christopher-In-Kins into the Children's world to visit boys and girls and share the excitement of the holiday season. Each night when children are sleeping Christopher "pops" in and out of new places. Christopher may play hide and seek popping in and out of places but can only move when children are sleeping. Children can't touch Christopher or he will have to go back to the north pole for Santa to restore his magic. Christopher pop-in-kins has received many awards
* 2011 The Toy man seal of Excellence
* 2011 The Toy man E-Choice Award
* The Toy Man Award of Approval
And so many more check out the site Christopher Pop-In-Kins for this perfect addition to your home.

Amber Slumber Baby Teething Necklace Review/Giveaway

This is a online company that sells baby amber teething necklaces. There necklaces are made of 100% Baltic sea amber. They only use AAA class Jewelry grade raw amber material they do not use plastic amber imitation or reconstructed or melted amber. These necklaces come in different shades of amber beads in traditional and contemporary designs. Amber baby teething necklaces come in different shades Butterscotch, Yellow, Honey, Orange,Green, Brown, Black, White, Cherry, Etc. And also come in various shapes Round, Olive, Chips, Cube, Tear drop, Nugget, Hearts, Etc. These are perfect as gifts for baby showers, your baby, other babies, Christmas. I love these my son is at the stage where he is starting to teeth and I would do anything to prevent him being in any kind of pain. I recommended these to everyone with a little one. Go check out there site Amber Slumber He is wearing the Dark-Cherry Baroque Amber Teething Necklace it retails for $25.99.
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