Kllarmant Night Light for Kids Review

I can't wait to tell you about this KLLARMANT night light for kids. My kids absolutely love this light they can be used for any age really. If your child is not comfortable in the dark I would highly recommend this. It is made from a soft silicone material so your child can cuddle with it. It charges by USB instead of batteries which I am absolutely loving. So when the night light goes out you can recharge it back up right away.

I love that this light has different settings on it you can go from a dim white light to a brighter white light. This light also transforms into other colors as well blue, red, pink, green, and yellow. This light comes with a USB already included and has an on and off switch.

Once you plug this lamp into charge it will turn on and stay on until it is fully charged and then it will go off. I highly recommend this lamp for infants all the way up to your children it works for everyone. Like I said my son and daughter love this light especially my son to cuddle with at night. It makes him feel comfortable sleeping in the dark.

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