BulliPatrol Launches Cyberbullying Monitoring

Immediate  Release: BulliPatrol  Launches  Cyberbullying  Monitoring  ServiceTAMPA,  FL-(April  16,  2018)-BulliPatrol,  a Tampa-based company, launched a cyberbullying monitoring service on April  13,  2018, initiated with the goal of putting an end to cyberbullying on social media applications.BulliPatrol ’s new service scores social media messages as positive or negative based on language sentiment while allowing your child ’s messages to remain private.  Parents can add children’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to their dashboard to track daily and weekly progress including application usage and how many messages are sent and received.In addition to this, parents will have the option to choose between text or email alerts as scores change, in order to become aware of trending problems sooner.  This allows parents to take the necessary steps towards protecting, seeking counseling and discussing the effects of the cyberbullying experienced with their child before the issue becomes too difficult to handle.Half of all teenagers are cyberbullied, yet only 1 out of 10 will report it.  BulliPatrol equips parents and children with the right tools through nonprofit partnerships, alerts, and analytics to combat this issue.  BulliPatrol aims to empower teens to speak openly about cyberbullying to form a new level of understanding with parents about the implications of cyberbullying, social media boundaries and privacy.  To sign up for BulliPatrol, please click here  https://www.bullipatrol.com/About BulliPatrolBulliPatrol is a service of WikiPatrol,  a  privately-owned Wikipedia  monitoring and consulting service, based in downtown  Tampa,  Florida.  We  serve business professionals,  celebrities, entertainment officials,  athletes, and families.  For more information about our services,  visit info.bullipatrol.com or call (813)-843-2822

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