Softsoap Moisturizing Body Washes Review

I can't wait to tell you about a couple different fragrances from the brand Softsoap. Moisturizing Body washes and Really smell amazing the first one is called Eternal Bloom and Blushing Bouquet both of these scents smell absolutely amazing and they made my skin feel so hydrated and soft. 

The Eternal Bloom has a scent of fruity and floral The scent of pear, and apple blossoms. Which I think is a perfect combination. I am loving this body wash and the smell both of my children love this also and use it all the time when taking you a bath

The other scent I got was blushing bouquet it also smells really amazing it has the scent of May Blossom and also makes my skin really soft and hydrated feeling too. This is also a limited edition. Do you soft soap to retail for $2.99. And they're 18 fluid ounces. These are available now until September 2017. 

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