Homee Handmade Creative Art Mug Hand-painted Ceramic Cups Africa Style Giraffe Review

I was really excited to get this Handmade Creative Art Mug that is hand painted this mug is super cute and haven't ever seen one like this. This mug is a giraffe and its head is wrapped around into the handle. It is super cute and keeps drinks really hot I love having my coffee in this in the morning.

This cup is exclusively designed by Homee these cops are handpainted ceramic cups with animals from plains and jungles of Africa. This cup has a three-dimensional animal figure and perfect for the nature lover in you. You can also use this for hot tea. This cup is 100% hand painted and has unique designs of creativity so make sure to purchase this Limited edition before they are discontinued.

These cups would be the perfect gift for the holidays coming up. I know there about five months away but you can never start too early on buying Christmas gifts I am a firm believer in that.

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