Kemier Universal Cell Phone Dry Bag Review

I am loving this Waterproof Cell Phone Dry Bag I used it for my Apple iPhone 7 Plus but you can use it for the 7, 7+, 6S, 6S plus, Galaxy S6, and more. I used this waterproof cell phone dry bag when we went to Legoland. When we went into the water we live in Florida so it's very humid but this bag protected my phone from the water and getting wet. Granted I didn't submerge my phone in the water but I did have it when we did water activities and it fell in the water a couple times and it was protected. However, with my phone, I had to extend my screen time out to never so my phone wouldn't turn off. The reason I did this is that I was taking photos and using this drive bag I couldn't touch the home button and it didn't read my finger print. So being in the Florida heat and having it in this bag a got very hot to wear I had to take it out and take a break. "Note this only does this with the 7 plus.

The pictures I took from Legoland weren't the best quality in this pouch but I still was able to take pictures. This is more due to the phone rather than the dry bag. I believe that if the Apple iPhone 7 Plus didn't unlock just buy your finger then it would've been fine. If that makes sense so having this phone time out in the bag with it closed and pressing the home button your phone will not turn on. The combination of that and the bright sun doesn't help.

So like I said it is doable you just have to make sure your phone is on at all times however the cons are your battery will drain quickly and it may overheat. I really do like this bag as a protection of water though say it's going to rain and you're walking you can put your phone in his pouch and guarantee it's going to stay dry. Also if you're going to a theme park where you're riding rides and there's water involved you can also guarantee this will protect your phone.

My opinion on this bag is I really love it for protection for your phone. With other phones that are not the iPhone plus it will probably work through the bag I think this is just due to the way the Apple iPhone sensor is. All in all, I do love his bag and will continue to use it with any outside activities we do.

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