Multi Layer Pendant Necklace Turquoise Sequins Feather Caramella Bubble Review

I am really loving this Multi Layered Choker Necklace that is designed in three different layers the first layer has this cute little silver feather hanging from it this would be the longest layer. The next layer is a little bit shorter and has little silver coin charms and beads in every other part of the necklace. And final is the shortest part of the necklace this has a beaded almost sideways name plate style that's going across

This necklace is perfect to dress up or dress down I am loving the silver one but they make this in gold too. So if you were a fan of both gold and silver you can switch it up with the different outfits you have.

This is a very stylish necklace and I am absolutely loving it and would even recommend this as a great gift for the women or girl in your life. The quality is really amazing too.

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