Black Magic Charcoal Toothpaste - 4 Oz. Review

I have always been the one who loves to whiten my teeth. I have always whitened my teeth professionally through the dentist because I was a dental assistant for 10+ years so it was easily accessible to me. But since being out of the Dental Field I don't have that luxury as much anymore. Even though I am getting back into it right now. I am still really excited to be able to review the Charcoal toothpaste black magic I have tried the black powder in the past and it seems to work but is just so messy. So when I saw that this was in toothpaste form I was so happy.

This is a 4-ounce size charcoal toothpaste it is an all natural teeth whitening with activated carbon and organic coconut oil. This toothpaste is great for everyday use, won't harm dentures or crowns, and kills harmful bacteria. You don't have to guess what is in your toothpaste this is all natural, quality, organic ingredients in the black magic and you can read this clearly on the tube. 

This has no mess which is one of the reasons why I am loving this in a paste form rather than the powder. I mean don't get me wrong the powder is just as good it just gets everywhere unless there is an easier solution I don't know about. 

I can definitely tell a difference in my teeth they have always been pretty white but to me, because I haven't been whitening like I did when I worked at the dental office my teeth seem pretty yellow but other people would tell me that they look white. I can tell a difference from using this toothpaste that they have gotten whiter and I'm really happy about that. 

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