Back to School Clakit Review

We are really excited for back to school and one of the items I wanted to tell you about is the Clakit The Clakit is a strap accessory you can place on your book bag straps to carry such items as a cell phone little trinkets erasers, pencils, and so much more. You can also carry emergency medication just anything you can think of. These pouches provide extra storage and easy to access items instead of digging through a big backpack it's right there at your fingertips.

They have just a few colors to choose from black, pink, blue, green, and purple. But it also depends on what style you want the styles that we have are called the two Zipper pouch and it just comes in black and pink. They retail for $19.95.

These are easy to install in seconds all you do is wrap the clip around the strap and squeeze it to lock it in place. This clip provides a secure, non-slip fit that has been tested to 120 mph and up to 25 pounds.

We are excited to use this for going back to school we start school in early August and will be prepared to use our Clakit's.

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