Legoland Florida Park/ Water Park Review/Overview

Disclaimer I received tickets in exchange for my honest opinion. This is my honest opinion about the park. And would not recommend if I didn't personally love it.

First off I want to say we have been to legoland multiple times but this was our first time at the water park and we loved it so much. They had a wave pool that set of waves every 10 to 15 minutes which was really nice because it's not a constant wave. They also have a river type pull that goes around the park where you can just relax. The river area is all about 3 feet deep so it was perfect for myself and husband and two children. They have floats for everyone they even have double floats if you want to be on the float with your kids. 

They have a few areas where the slides are and the kids really enjoyed going down that also. We had a lot of fun and just so you know they do have lockers there for rent small lockers range from $9.00 to $12.00 and the medium lockers are $12 per locker we fit all our stuff into a medium locker and we are a family of four. They also have other things besides the waterpark and they have the whole theme park which we absolutely loved and the different shows they have around the park also. We went and saw the Lego 3D show and we loved it. The kids did too.

We saw a few shows that we loved as well lego ninjago 3d and also the ride where we fight against the bad guys to win. The kids loved these shows and rides and just loved walking around the park to see what all they had. Make sure you check them out this summer or not even that when the fall time comes they have tons of things centered around these special holiday's.

The kids even loved all the different statues around the park that were made out of legos 

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