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Pre Order 2018 Planners starting September 1st!!

I am in love with this Kitlife Planner I am reviewing the 2017 one as a preview for what is to come. I will have a second post to compare the two and tell you the pros and con's "if any". I am a huge fan of planners and this one really intrigued me. So to open up the planner the first thing you see is A small plastic folder inserts this one is small enough to where it doesn't get in the way and you can pull it out and adjusted to where you want it in the planner, The next thing you see is a wax type paper insert that tells you the month and the years that the planner runs through and this planner belongs to. The first thing you come to is the 2017/2018 Peek it has all the months and dates from January all the way to December. Then on the right side, it has a page for Occasions to celebrate it has January through December and it allows a decent amount to write and birthdays, anniversaries, and any special dates to you.

The next page is the quarterly check in and basically it starts with January and for example some of the things to fill out New Year's resolutions, what you're enjoying, what you're thankful for, what are your intentions for the month ahead, then you can put personal information such as your weight, body fat, sleep and so on. Another thing you can write about is what you're excited for. On the bottom left they have Book Goals so if you're here you can jot down what you would like to read for the month which is really great.

One of the features I really like in this Kitlife planner is when you start a new month it goes through and has a different category for each month, for example, January every day is a fresh start, February love yourself, March don't just fly soar. So basically it goes through each month telling you stuff to go with the theme I will use January as the example so it has every day is a fresh start. Some of the examples on this page are eating your produce, celebrate what's good, be well, choose to be happy, and at the bottom, it has a little something extra. So in each of these categories, it will explain to you what to do to achieve this goal.

After the first page then it goes into the monthly calendar spread this is something I like to write all my important appointments, dates, special occasions on I tend to look at this first because it is the first thing you see at the beginning of the month. The next page has the layout by weekly so you can go in and write any details about the day that needs to get done. This section has more room so you can actually write out more details. I really like this part because I tend to take a lot of notes and this helps me out to remember everything.

Another option it has in the center of this area is called peek at the week so anything you think that you're going to do you can put in that side bar and that's a separate section that won't get you confused with the other section which I really like.On the right-hand side, it has a section called the big three, wellness, gratitude. I also like that they have a quote at the bottom of the page for example in the month of January it says no one can go back and make a brand new start, my friend, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end.

Then at the back of the planner, there is a clear pocket to put little necessities you need to keep such as business cards for doctors offices, stickers to decorate your planner, and so many other things to choose from. This planner also comes with a few stickers that are super cute.

I really can't wait to see what next year's planner looks like I am super excited to compare the two and see what has changed.

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