Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Take Flight Review

Already out on DVD dinosaurs take flight available now this DVD run to park the Matley 120 minutes and retails for $12.99. This is such a cute movie for younger kids it teaches you about different places on the map and explains facts about these places for instants the Zeppelin waterfall, Zepplin Atoll, Zepplin Pangaea, Zepplin crater, and so much more.

In my honest opinion I think this DVD is great because it teaches your kids all about this nature stuff on this DVD they have four of eight Dino might stories on this DVD. Hop on the dinosaur train and learn about life science, natural history, and dinosaurs. This is definitely a DVD that will capture you little one's attention and even older children

This DVD is made by the Jim Henson Company five PBS. Every purchase keeps PBS going in kids growing. If your child is into dinosaurs they are going to love this DVD and I was actually pretty surprised it lasts 120 minutes. I love PBS Kids and think that it's really educational TV and would highly recommend this to parents. So go out and get your dinosaurs take flight DVD now.

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