Smart Kids Bright Futures Giveaway

smart-kids-bright-futuresThe Smart Kids, Bright Futures Giveaway has begun! Smart Playrooms is all about encouraging creative and independent play to complement your child's schooling. The Westchester and CT-based duo of teachers organizes amazing, smart playrooms for families and businesses and wants to combine their love of teaching with their support of amazing businesses. Join us in this exciting giveaway to encourage families to get active, have fun, and support creative play!

30 amazing brands have come together to give you a chance to win ALL of these awesome products!

  • ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a grand prize package of 30 prizes!
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive something special after the giveaway as a thank you.
  • The giveaway will run from October 16th to November 4th.
  • Entering is easy and can be done below via our Rafflecopter.
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So what are the AMAZING prizes? Here are the Participating Brands (Giveaway Open to U.S. residents only):
Smart Playrooms
Smart Playrooms is owned and operated by two teachers with many years of classroom experience and expertise. They bring the most effective classroom organization techniques and learning strategies into your home. The Smart Playrooms System includes nine learning centers from pretend play, games, music and movement, building, to a literacy center and more.
Using the most effective classroom organization techniques and learning strategies, Smart Playrooms will design and organize your play area to encourage creative, independent play. Watch your children play with the toys that you already own, instead of getting bored and constantly asking for new ones.
Green Eyed Nutrition
Feeding your family well and ensuring that everyone is meeting their nutritonal needs can be difficult at times. Sometimes we just need a little help to get things organized. A family nutrition consult by a registered dietitian-nutritionist is what you need. During this one hour consult we'll assess where your family eating habits are, do some troubleshooting and put together a simple meal plan that is healthy and easy to prepare. Healthy snack ideas and recipes are included.
Swanling Innovations Inc
The SwanlingÆ Slumber Swanô is the perfect gift for both boys and girls. The SwanlingÆ Swan is made from the softest materials and will soon become your childís best friend. The small and medium size swans are equipped with a gentle and soothing rattle, all of the swans have child safe eyes.
The SwanlingÆ Slumber Swanô is also made to attach to the Slumber Sleeperô, a 3-in-1 safe sleep solution. It is a mattress protector, fitted sheet and sleep sack all in one. It is designed to help keep your baby safe, warm and centered. Although the sheet allows older children to move freely and change sleep positions, the Slumber Sleeperô unique design helps facilitate back sleeping and helps keep baby centered while in the crib, two important components of safe sleep for babies, and you get the added benefit of easily keeping an eye on them without adjusting your baby monitor frequently.
Cardiff Products
Nothing is worse than a sore neck from sleeping uncomfortably in the back seat of a car. Avoid the dreaded head bob (or if multiple kids are in the back ó the head bump) with the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest. This revolutionary, new device provides support and comfort for a child asleep in a moving vehicle. Its thoughtful design can also accommodate users of all sizes. By attaching to your vehicleís existing headrest with a simple, universal mount, the Booster Seat Headrest provides lateral support to keep a childís head and body upright; comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep. If the kids catch a good nap while in the car they will be well-rested and not cranky!
Order Out Of Chaos OOOC Our Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management keeps students on task, on time and on track. It's unique design allows students to first "see" their available blocks of time during the school week so they can plan when they will get their assignments done and learn to manage their time. Southwest Beverages sippity SippityÆ hot cocoa mix has been scientifically designed and uniquely blended into a dry mix form that contains all the ingredients necessary for you to enjoy the ultimate hot cocoa beverage experience. All of our ingredients are premium quality selected from the best American suppliers. All products are 100 % gluten free and 99.9 % caffeine free. Easy Microwavable. For diet conscious consumers, our low calorie, Sippity LiteÆ products offer the same great taste as our SippityÆ sugar blends flavors but less than 2 grams of sugar per serving. Available in 6 delicious gourmet flavors: chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate cinnamon, pumpkin spice, chocolate peppermint and chocolate raspberry. DFM Stationery DFM DFM Stationery offers everything from personalized stationery to birth announcements, Holiday cards, and many other gift/hostess items! Winner receives 25 personalized notecards from any of the lines that are shown on the website which can be found on the Brand's page. ZizzyBee Bags zizzybee ZizzyBee Bags are handy, compact, reusable, washable storage bags convenient for every part of your life. The neat freak in your family will love that they help you store and organize just about anything! From diapers/wipes, make-up and sports gear, to even purse clutter these trendy bags makes organization easy and theyíre see-through so you can easily find what youíre looking for. Reduce single-use bag waste while keeping lifeís clutter cleaned up. With two eco-friendly bag sizes to choose from, ZizzyBee Bags are a perfect fit for storage and organizational needs. Hello Beach hellobeach Our lightweight tote is made of half mesh, so the sand shakes right out. The perfect bag for shell seekers! The top half is 100 cotton, while the bottom half is made of durable woven mesh. Unlike traditional bulky bags and plastic buckets, our totes fold small to conveniently fit in luggage for airline travel to oversea destinations. Created by a mom and hand sewn in the USA! Eco-friendly and Reusable. Jumbo Dog Artbooks jumbodog Jumbo Dog will offer $100 off of any order of a glass or hardcover book. We take your children's art and other mementos and create beautiful coffee table books. At Jumbo Dog, we think thereís a better way to enjoy all those precious items youíve saved. We scan and photograph your childís artwork and mementos and create beautiful, custom glass or hard cover books, designed to last a lifetime. Pello pello The pello is a luxe floor pillow with a patented, distinct, donut shape (34î circumference) with raised edges (7î on the sides), ultra-soft plush brushed poly and cotton fabrics and a padded center that benefits a child at all stages of development. It is machine-washable, can be thrown into the dryer, and is durable and portable for mothers on the go. Every pello has two side handles enabling it to be folded in half like a taco and easily portable. Each pello also includes a pocket (6.5î x 6.5î) with a loop inside to hold baby items. In addition, loops on the side of the pello keep toys at bay. Jangala Tribal Warriors Jangala-giveaway-graphic Jangala Tribal Warriors: Living, Growing and Learning From The Heart is the first book of a series designed to increase childrenís capacity to handle their feelings and conflicts while building healthy and strong relationships. The concepts are based on positive psychology, Nurtured HeartÆ language and rational thinking skill building. Two of the younger characters, Nina and Gabby get entangled in a conflict that stemmed from teasing and we learn how the entire tribe stands together to make change for the better in their Jangala -a magical rainforest where peaceful, loving communities and tribes are the norm and expectation. Fun Wraps funwraps Fun Wraps are one of a kind, kid-friendly compression bandages with an easy starter loop and velcro closure. Perfect for athletic, active kids with funky fresh style. Keep them in lockers, backpacks and first aid kits. Serious Support. Serious Style. Sleeping Baby sleepingbaby The Flying Squirrel PJ was created due to a demand for a product to follow the size LARGE Zipadee-Zip! This cute eLOVEphant designed PJ is made from a soft, breathable cotton blend fabric. This Pajama is designed to go up to size 5T and has the same general shape as the Zipadee-Zip BUT has OPTIONAL HAND AND FOOT COVERINGS! The fit is designed to be baggyÖkind of like MC Hammer Pants! :) This allows a little one to wear them for a long time and to enable you to pull down the wrist and ankle cuffs over the hands and feet to turn them into hand coverings and socks for bed-time! They can then be rolled back for play time! The Minkey by Olie olie The Minkey by Olie is a patented one in all winter garment for all babies and toddlers, it is one garment that combines gloves, scarf, and hat all in one! The Minkey is very easy to use you simply pull on the Minkey over the child's head just like a baklava hat and it will keep the child's head, ears, neck, throat, arms and the hands warm and dry. The amazing thing about the Minkey is that it stays on even though your child doesn't want it to so no more lost gloves, no more lost hats and no more cold and grumpy children. The Minkey keeps your child warm and dry all winter long in just one piece. Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray starkids
Star Kids Products is an innovative childrenís product manufacturer that specializes in making fun and safe products for busy, traveling families. We specialize in safe and easy-to-clean products to make life easier when traveling with children whether via car on road trips, railroad or by plane.
spbang's unique, durable and environmentally friendly snack bags are crafted with food safe material that contains no lead, no BPA and no phthalates. Imagine having the material used normally for hard food storage containers in the form of a soft bag. The best part is you can put them on the bottom rack of your dishwasher daily and they come out sparkling clean. Whether they are in your kids lunchboxes, storing crayons, on a plane or at the pool/beach, they are perfect for families on the go!
Jinja Jewelry
Jinja Jewelry draws inspiration for its beautiful, high quality, handmade coral and silver jewelry from local and global trends in affordable jewelry and accessories. The best ideas are carefully crafted into an eclectic line of jewelry using local beach coral for necklaces, bracelets, and rings along with silver, rhodium, and semiprecious stones. Each piece of beautiful Jinja Jewelry is lovingly hand crafted by the people in Bali through a difficult and time consuming process for your wearing pleasure.
Diaper Bag Dailies
Diaper Bag Dailies revolutionizes the way diaper bags are packed. They're a "crib sheet" for parenthood! We prep, you schlep! Everything you need in a prepacked kit. Just add baby! Winner receives a bundle of essentials for your diaper bag including diapers, wipes, onesie, nail files, tissues, and more.
Rockin' Green
Rockiní Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. Rockiní Green products are made with a biodegradable plant-based and petroleum-free surfactant. They are septic and grey-water safe. They are never tested on animals. Rock-a-Thigh Baby RTB Made in USA, eco-friendly, thigh-length socks (like legwarmers with feet). Rock-a-Thighs are a fashionable alternative to girl tights and are "THE socks that stay on!" Rock-a-Thighs are available in many different designs and in six sizes ranging from 0-6m up to 6-8yr. PunkinWrap punkinwrap   The PunkinLinks and PunkinSnaps function as a baby-safe clip to attach toys to baby gear and were designed to work with the PunkinWrap to keep it linked to virtually any baby transportation system. The links and snaps are BPA, PVC, PET, and Phthalate free so they are safe for baby to play with and even chew on as a teether. They are also made for various uses so parents can get creative with them! They are made in the USA and come in gift-boxed packages of 12 PunkinLinks and 4 PunkinSnaps so you can gift to any parent. Baby Dipper babydipper The patented Baby Dipper bowl means true one-handed feeding of infants and toddlers. The unique combination of features includes a non-slip base, a triangular shape, and a slanted interior surface that leads to a spoon-shaped corner for collecting the food. Parents have a free hand while feeding an infants (or more). Toddlers learn easily how to feed themselves when they do not have to chase the food in the bowl and the bowl across the table. The Baby Dipper bowl also assists older children or even adults who have difficulties feeding themselves. Wristy Buddy wristy Wristy Buddy is a one piece teething wristband comprised of a wristband with an absorbent animal in the center, a textured teething attachment, and a satin attachment. Wristy Buddy is designed for babies that are teething that haven't developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can't grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy. Wristy Buddy is made of absorbent materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. It is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects. GourGanics gourganics GourGanics is a local organic salsa and simmer sauce made by a Fairfield, CT mom using organic produce grown in Connecticut and New York. It's extra thick and specially created not only to be eaten right out of the jar as a salsa, but to be used in cooking as a delicious simmer sauce. TrueMoon truemoon A kit preparing girls for their first moon cycle, complete with tips for parents, fun, factual information, a dry erase chart, carry case, girl's first keepsake, and organic tampons. Pee-kaboo Potty Sticker peekaboo The pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker is a unique and fun way to potty train your child and helps you overcome the ultimate potty training obstacle-actually getting your child to want to use the potty again and again. Simply place your pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker in the base of a flat-bottomed portable potty seat and watch what happens. Each time your child successfully uses the potty, "peekaboo!"ù, a charming image magically appears. Your child is instantly rewarded for their efforts and is excited to use the potty again! "I want to see the butterfly"ù, your child exclaims. Sureù, you say, all you have to do is pee-pee in the potty and peekaboo! -ù No more begging your child to go to the potty, and no more trips to the store for costly rewards. Just potty training transformed from trying to triumphant! ChicoBag chicobag Take your commitment to a reusable lifestyle one step further by replacing your single-use sandwich bags with Snack Time rePETe! Each Snack Time set includes three reusable snack and sandwich bags that feature a fold-over, hook-and-loop closure system that expands to fit a full-size sandwich, or folds over for smaller snack items. The reusable bags feature a food-safe, water and stain resistant liner that makes for easy cleaning. Each reusable snack pouch is machine washable and complete with a stylish, subtle print. Made of 78% recycled content. Baby Jack Blankets babyjack Babies develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play. Baby Jack and Company designed an educational print that teaches the alphabet, numbers 1-10, shapes and colors in a primary color palette. This sensory tag blanket is a great educational tool and provides entertainment and comfort in a security blanket. Castle & Bay Sphinx Personal Lounger castleandbay Bridging the gap between inflatables and hard chairs the compact two-piece Sphinx Personal Lounger is perfect for the student at home or in the dorm, it is great for the beach/pool, for the meditator, the sunbather, and the traveler. It allow you to read comfortable on your stomach, lounge on your backside, use it as a chair, a lap tray or as a kick board in the water. The Sphinx has a cup holder, cooler/storage and stows in its own mesh carry bag with a shoulder strap. Take it with you anywhere, it easily fits in your beach bag or your suitcase. It only weighs 2 lbs., takes 12 breaths to inflate and deflates to the size of a loaf of bread.


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