Celebrate Halloween with Peeps & Company Review

We are really excited about Halloween coming up and with that being said we are really excited to tell you about how Peeps and Company  are celebrating Halloween with these special treats. 

The items we received in our Just Born Halloween Kit was:

·         PEEPS® Halloween Candy
·         PEEPS®  Witch Chick House
·         MIKE AND IKE® Mummys Mix 10 oz Gift Bag
·         MIKE AND IKE® Vampire Variety 10 oz Gift Bag
·         MIKE AND IKE® Mummys Mix 2 Oz Tube
·         PEEPS® Large Plush

We loved everything that we received the kids were really excited to try everything!! My son got the large plush since it was blue and he cuddled with it that night it is so soft. My daughter got the smaller peep that was included in the witch chick house she also loved this and took this with her to bed too. What a cute little gift you could possibly add to a Halloween Basket your making for someone???

The peeps witch came in the witch chick house along with green peeps to match the occasion. It is a very cute little gift to give to that special girl or boy for a little Halloween Treat!!

Next was the Mike & Ike mummy mix and Mike & Ike Vampire Variety both of these bags are 10 oz that are sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. The flavors that come in the mummy mix are Lemon, Orange, Grape, Lime, and Raspberry all super yummy. Now for the Vampire Variety the flavors are Cherry, Raspberry, Grape, Watermelon, and Fruit Punch. I think in my opinion I really like the Vampire Variety the most and I think that is just because it's different then the other flavors you get. We also got the mummy mix in a 2oz tube which would really be ideal for a little one.

Next was the Peeps Halloween Candy one for each of the kids. Now I think they really enjoyed this and I think you can tell also by the look on their face. This was a milk chocolate pumpkin filled with orange marshmallow filling. I took a little bite of this also to try and I have to say these were really good. I can see why they liked them. They are rich so one for each of them were perfect!!

Milk Chocolate Pumpkin filled with Orange Marshmallow!! 

I had to post all these pictures because you can tell that they really enjoyed them especially my daughter if you can't tell from the bottom photo.

This was probably their favorite I am guessing but any kind of candy they love. I do try to keep them on a limit to a couple pieces a day!

In the photo below you can see the yummy orange filling.

They both loved them.

I was trying to be a little creative and thought you know what this would really be a nice treat for teachers or maybe a grandmother or aunt or uncle or maybe just someone special to you. 

I used them Mike & Ike mixes and the pumpkin peeps and ghost peeps to make candy jars if you are creative then this would be something cute to do.

Come and check out their 3 retail store locations!!!

·         Mall of America, MN
·         National Harbor, MD
·         Bethlehem, PA

PEEPS & COMPANY® is a fun, energy filled retail experience appealing to all five senses. Shoppers of all ages will be entertained by captivating music, lights, interactive displays, and videos featuring historic and present day elements of all their favorite Just Born brands. In addition to great tasting candy, PEEPS & COMPANY® offers an array of high-quality branded items such as apparel, accessories and gifts. Visit a store near you today!

Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @PeepsandCompany

I was provided with product from Peeps and Company to facilitate my review any opinions I have are mine and my only. Your opinion may be different!!!

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