I have always loved mike & ike candy. The fruit flavor is really good and for a long time I thought the only flavors they had were the original flavor. But I was totally wrong about that!! Mike & Ike candy has been around a long time ever since I was little. But now they have some great flavors I never knew about and maybe you don't either so that is why I am here to tell you the flavors we were able to try!! 

All about Mike:

Mike's love for fruit chewy candy and music go back to his childhood. He studied both in school. He started his first band when he was only 12 years old. Mike became famous for his part in MIKE AND IKE® candy, but his passion for music never faded. His generosity
and popularity have earned him invitations to write, produce and even play with some of today's greatest music legends. Mike is the flavor scientist that makes MIKE AND IKE® candy irresistible. His side of the argument that caused the split: "It's about the flavors Ike!".

All About Ike:

Ike's love of fruit chewy candy and art started when he was in kindergarten finger painting colorful fruit objects. It is rumored that's where the eccentric artist first created the
bean shape that we now know as MIKE AND IKE® candy. Ike's art collections and his own work cover dozens of styles. Since becoming famous for making candy, Ike has been doing mostly urban art. Ike is the one who creates the wonderful MIKE AND IKE® colors and packaging. His side of the argument about what cause the split:

"It's about color and fun Mike!".

We all loved the different flavors Mike & Ike has to offer Hot Tamales, Mike & Ike Original, Hot Tamales Tropical Heat, Mike & Ike Zours, Mike & Ike Jelly Beans, Mike & Ike Jelly Beans, Mike & Ikes Tropical Typhoon, Mike & Ike Easter Treats, and Mike & Ike Jelly Beans. All of these flavors are so good my husband didn't care for the tropical heat but my son loved them. They were a little spicy but I guess he likes that. 

These were the Tropical Typhoon probably one of my favorite ones!!! My son started eating these and finished the whole box. I give them candy in moderation I don't just let them sit there and eat a bunch of candy this was one of the little bags. Another flavor I really like is the original Hot Tamales I like hot things and this was amazing like always.

Me and the Kid's are huge Fans of Mike and Ike's and will continue to eat Mike & Ike's!!!

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