What You Can Do to Nurture the Tiny Mind of Your Newborn

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The first few months of parenthood are incredible. You’re getting to see so many first experiences that your little one is having. It’s a time of wonder and discovery as you both get to know each other. The entire time is just so precocious, and it’s the perfect bonding experience. While your little one may not yet engage in complex activities, there are gentle and effective ways to mentally stimulate their developing brain. In fact, this is something that you’ll absolutely need to do. 

There are a lot of big decisions you’re going to have to make in the name of your baby, and how you decide to nurture their mind is going to be one of them. So, what can parents do to help mentally stimulate their newborn? Is there a right way to do this? Well, keep reading on to find out everything that you need to now!

You’ll Need to Engage in Face-to-Face Interaction

Your baby is captivated by your face from the very beginning; you are one of its caregivers, after all. So, since you’re going to see them daily, almost nonstop, you’re going to need to engage in face-to-face interaction such as making eye contact, smiling, and talking to your baby (preferably baby talk because it’s cuter). All of these interactions lay the foundation for social and emotional development. They need to learn how to read expressions, and this is honestly one of the best ways to go about it. 

The Visual Stimuli Needs to Have High Contrast

Whether you opt for Montessori toys for newborn, books, decorations, or even furniture for your baby, there needs to be some visuals that have some pretty high contrasts. It’s not necessary for aesthetics or even for the fact that kids love bold colors. What you need to keep in mind is the fact that newborns respond pretty well to high-contrast patterns and bold visuals. 

So you’ll need to provide stimuli like black and white images (since these are really contrasting each other), incorporate patterns, or even buy some toys with strong color contrasts. They need these because they offer visual cues that help stimulate your baby's developing eyesight.

You Need to Be Gentle

It’s not just about looks, but it’s about touch too. Honestly, gentle touch is one of the most powerful forms of stimulation for newborns. So, you’re going to want to consider using soft fabrics, some gentle strokes, and even skin-to-skin contact during feeding or cuddle time. Most parents know to just naturally do all of this for their baby since their skin is so sensitive, but this sort of stimulation also helps out with creating security and a connection with you. 

Look into Soothing Music

When it comes to children's music, it can be obnoxious, but when it comes to music for babies, especially newborns, it’s pretty relaxing, even for adults. Soothing music (lullabies included) can have a calming effect on your newborn, and it’s even going to stimulate their auditory senses. There are plenty of soothing songs on YouTube for babies, there are even classic rock lullabies if you want to enjoy them, too.

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