Nadine West Clothing January Review


Disclaimer I received this bag for my honest opinion your opinions may differ from mine.

If you are aware of Nadine West, a clothing company that gears towards women’s clothing, all you have to do is take an online quiz and you’ll get a stylist who will pick items out for you and mail them. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and if they’re not what you like, all you do is send them back in the prepaid envelope and won’t be charged for it. What a great start to the new year to start your own brand new wardrobe with Nadine West. 

The first item I received is this really cute top It is called the Abigail top is in a size medium and retails for $44.99 this top is beautiful. I can pair this up with jeans, leggings, shorts, or even a skirt for Church. I really do like how this top has a pocket that is cheetah print, which is my favorite print of all. This top will go great all year long but definitely will be perfect for the fall time as well. It is by the name, of Abigail.

The next item is this Avery skirt it is almost like a rose pink color with flowers on it, and the material is almost like a silk material. Honestly, it’s really not my style at all. I don’t really wear florals The skirt is a nice length, however, I just will not wear it. It’s perfect for other people who like this style so if you’re into this type of material, I would highly recommend it for you it retails for $27.99.

The Uriah dress is really nice I really like the color and the length it reminds me of fall time. The only thing that I need to try to figure out is the low cut in the front. There are items that I can use to close that gap but other than that, I really do like this dress. It retails for $34.99. I like how a long sleeve for the cooler weather these days.

These Halle earrings are super cute. They came at the perfect time with the Christmas season. These remind me of little ornaments dangling on strings I actually really love these and I’ve already worn them a couple times. They retail for $17.99 and are perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well as all year round. They can be worn casually, or you can wear them and really dress up.

This Robyn Top is also really cute. It is a top that you could wear during the winter or summer. It is a sweater-type material but very thin so you’re not gonna get really hot. It could be dressed up with a skirt or you can wear it with leggings or a pair of jeans as well. I really like this color. It is like a mustard color and the cute part. It also ties in the front which adds a little character instead of it just being a plain top. It retails for $33.99.

This dress by Alyssa is in a medium it is as beautiful green color. It is a little bit big on me and a flow type of material which means normally I go down a size. This is a size medium so I would go down to a size small other than that it is really cute and the perfect length as well it retails for $34.99. this is perfect to wear to church or if you have a date or even an interview, it would be the perfect dress.

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