Lugz Women’s Mantle Hi Boot Review


These lugz women’s mantle hi boots are, really stylish they are perfect for the upcoming winter time or even if you want to use them as a fashion piece added to your outfit, they have a variety of different colors, such as soft pink/whisper, white, black, olive/cream/gum, bubble gum, pink/cream/gum, golden wheat/cream/gum, and so many other colors. They have a total of eight different colors. I really like these to pair up with jeans or even a pair of leggings. They would even look good during the summertime with a pair of shorts you just have to know how to style them.

They retail for $44.99. I chose the size 8, but they range in sizes from size 5 1/2 all the way up to 11. These boots feature, a comfort, padding insole, and a slip resistant outsole that you will feel secure whenever you are taking steps they are grounded with every step you take. I just love the pink color I chose it is very different and is more of a neutral pink style. That would go with a lot more neutral colors.

They fit really well and feel very sturdy on my feet These would be an excellent gift for the holiday season, or even just to give to someone. You might have to wear these a few times before getting used to them if you were not used to wearing a higher up shoe. I would definitely recommend getting a few different colors because they are perfect to match up with any type of outfit.

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