7 Big Decisions To Make For Your Baby'


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New parents have to make many big decisions on behalf of their child. In fact, one study found that, on average, parents make 1,750 difficult decisions in the first year of a child’s life.

What are some of the biggest decisions? This post lists a few of them and how to prepare for these decisions.

What will their name be?

The hardest decision that many parents battle with is choosing a name. Your kids are likely to carry that name for the rest of their lives, so it needs to be right. Many parents approach having a baby with specific names in mind, but it can often be hard to agree on a name. Try to be open-minded and don’t be afraid to research new names you may not have ever considered. The likes of this name generator can help you to come up with new names.

Should you breastfeed?

Some mothers are eager to breastfeed, while others prefer to opt for formula milk. Both breastfeeding and formula milk have their pros and cons, and it’s important to weigh these up in advance. Making a decision before your baby is born is important, because you will need to buy nursing equipment or stock up on formula milk beforehand. Some mothers try breastfeeding but end up having to resort to formula because they struggle to express.

Will they be vaccinated?

You can choose to have your child vaccinated against several diseases soon after birth. While most people choose to get their children vaccinated, some parents are reluctant to do so due to potential risks. Immunization jabs are recommended at specific weeks after your baby’s birth, however they are still possible to schedule at a later date if you decide not to get them vaccinated straight away. 

Will your baby boy be circumcised?

In the US, 58.3% of newborn boys are circumcised. Some parents delay the decision to circumcise until their child is a teen - at which point their child has more of a choice. Others prefer to get it out of the way when their child is a newborn. A similar choice with girls may be having their ears pierced. 

Should you put pictures on social media?

Some parents are eager to show their child to the world on social media. Others prefer not to publicly share pictures of their baby. Using certain privacy settings, you may be able to choose exactly who can see pictures of your baby, however you may find it more convenient to just share photos privately with those you trust. 

Should you use a pacifier?

Many parents give their baby a pacifier to help soothe them. Others are very much against the idea of a pacifier. Once you’ve got your child used to a pacifier, it will be hard to wean them off, so make sure you’re 100% sure about giving them one. 

Where will your baby sleep?

Finally, you should consider where your baby is going to sleep. Will they co-sleep in your bed with you? Or will they sleep in a crib? Obviously, if you choose the latter, you’ll need to buy a crib in advance. All babies eventually have to move into their own bed, but it’s up to you as to what age you think is appropriate.

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