Christmas Gift Guide with Vegamour Hair Products Review/Overview


Disclaimer I received these products in my honest opinion all opinions are my own, and you may have different opinions that are different from mine, which does not make it bad. Everyone has different hair.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to review some products from Vegamour I know we hear a lot about their hair serum, but they of course have several other hair products that are essential for any woman out there and giving the gift for this Christmas season. Whether it’s stocking stuffers or just a gift this would be an amazing treat. I was able to review four of their products and I am very happy with one product there Gro dry shampoo this bottle is 112 g/3.95 ounces This dry shampoo works amazing and smells really good. I would highly recommend it. It retails for $36.00 or you can subscribe and save monthly with it being $32.00. There’s also to make sure hair is thicker and fuller at the roots to have the appearance of thicker hair.

Next is their Gro Scalp revitalizing massager you can use this massager anytime you can use it with your hair dry or wet. It features a series of bristles that help to stimulate the scalp and boost the appearance of the scalp out, making your hair overtime grow faster. this brush is ideal for all hair types and fills really well on the scout. Even when you’re just sitting down watching TV or doing whatever pop this massager out and start massaging your head it is the best feeling ever. You can audit so pair this up with any of the products listed. these help reduce the sign of shedding, promote thicker, fuller-looking hair, and help smooths and calm of scalp. This scout massager retails for $18.00.

The next item is something that I will have in my hair care every time I wash it. I wash my hair every three days to a week and each time I apply a Hydr-8 deep moisture repair mask first, I have to say the smell is amazing my hair feels soft and clean. This conditioner is supposed to help reduce the look of damaged hair it restores, smoother, and healthier-looking hair. It bonds and fortifies the hair strand and seals in the shine this deep repair hair mask retails for $52 and if you subscribe and get it monthly, you would only pay $46.00 this also is easy to pair with the other items I received through vegamour.

Last, but not least is the HYDR-8  leave in conditioner this is something my daughter’s been asking for for a while is a leave-in conditioner. This is something my daughter’s been asking for for a while a leave and conditioner and it just so happens. We received this one as soon as she saw it she was really excited to try it and now we are sharing it. After she gets out of the shower. She sprays her damn hair with this spray it also dangles and is free of silicones. It also helps reduce frizz first soft, silky strands, I haven’t heard her complain about her hair being frizzy anymore is a good thing. this bottle retails for $34.00 or if you subscribe monthly you can get it for $30.00.

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