Nadine West Clothing December Bag


Another month has went by and we have gotten our bag for December through Nadine West. Nadine West is a monthly clothing subscription service where you can fill out a style profile and then you have your own stylist pick out a number of items. When you get the items you try them on to see what you like and what you don’t like you can return to Nadine West and not pay for them. I really enjoyed Nadine West. They have some items sometimes that are hit or misses however, it is a good way to try on different things to see what you like without going out and about.

The first item is this beautiful horseshoe necklace the Dakota necklace that is in silver. It is very dainty and beautiful. This necklace would pretty much go with anything you could dress it up or dress it down. It retails for $44.99.

Next is this dolly pencil skirt in black it’s in the size medium and is the perfect length. It is just around the knees I pair this up with a pretty blouse to go to church and you can pair these with tennis shoes and it would be really cute as well. This skirt retails for $27.99.

The next item is this Dahlia dress that is in this beautiful brown color. It reminds me of fall but it’s also the perfect length as well it has a sleeveless shoulder where you can pair it with a jacket or sweater, or just wear it by itself alone this dress isn’t size medium and retails for $41.99.

The next item is this Chelsea skirt that is in a striped design. I received it in a medium, and it fits amazingly. I love the length of the skirt as well.It can pair up with several items and also you could wear dress shoes or tennis shoes. Go from dressy casual in minutes.this skirt retails for $31.99. I forgot the skirt and it’s in the dirty clothes so I will just say I absolutely loved it and it fit really well and it’s really amazing.

This top by Loren is in a size small this is a Flowy type of top. However, I would’ve probably chosen a medium. It is a little tight getting over the chest I do really like it. Also I would definitely put some sort of undershirt underneath because you can see through it, but is perfect for the fall, winter, or even spring time it’s really good for all year round.this top retails for $27.99.

And last, but not least is the Winona top this top is really cute. It is flowing in the sleeves which I like which makes it easy to pair with dress pants or jeans or even shorts. It is really a nice top to wear out to eat or if you’re going out on the town.I absolutely love the colors as well this top retails for $27.99.

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