VIORA Dry Shampoo Campaign

Disclaimer I received these products for my honest review these are my opinions yours may differ.

I am reviewing this dry shampoo by Viora it definitely works with the hair and also fluffs it out a little bit to give it a little bit of body. This is great to use in between washings. If you’re trying to train your hair to not be so oily this is a great product to use during that time.

This is great for travel, as well as just using it at home daily. This would be a great stocking stuffer for any girl out there that you know. Or just a great gift for yourself why not? Treat yourself and pamper yourself. This can is the perfect size and will last a good amount of time. This company makes other products to I've tried and they are all good. 

It has smart oil microspheres, enhances oil absorption, is non-sticky on the skin, and is superior to traditional powder sprays. It is also talc-free. It adds volume and nourishes locks as well. If you are interested in this dry shampoo you can check it out with the link above. It's worth it. 

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