5 Ways Parents Can Support Their Child's Love For Music

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Music has long been used as a tool for many different things. It is an effective form of communication, especially when expressing feelings; music offers opportunities to relax and destress, to move and have fun, or to fuel a fire inside you. Music is also instrumental in supporting learning and can be a great way to help kids who struggle with traditional lessons to absorb information.

Exposing your child to music from a young age can help you to foster a love for sound as they get older. But once this bug takes hold, how do you as a parent help them explore music on their terms to give them an outlet for expressing themselves while pursuing a hobby that has many benefits for kids?


An excellent place to start is to get them lessons. If they enjoy singing, then getting them singing lessons can be a great tool to help them perfect their voice and learn more about what it takes to become a singer. Instrument lessons are perfect for kids who like to create or play music, and finding them a tutor for the instrument they play, both virtually or in person, will be welcome.

You can find them dance lessons for their favorite style of music, have them work with a songwriter to help them write lyrics, or even write their own music, too. Working with people who have a deeper understanding of how your child engages with music can help them develop their passion and skills at the same time.


If your child is fully immersed in music and wants to follow this through as a hobby or even make a career of it, then you can support this by investing in the right equipment for them to do just this. From a guitar and all the accessories to a stereo looper pedal with MIDI for those who want to try making their own music or even creating a studio if you have the space for them to sing and record music to their heart's content. Look at the type of equipment they need to let them explore their particular musical passion and show them you care about what they care about and are supportive of their endeavors.

Don't Dismiss Them

As tempting as it can be, try not to dismiss your child when they play or listen to music or even talk about it. It's a good thing for your child to be completely enamored with a hobby and want to consume it all of the time. But trying to diminish this and gloss over their enthusiasm will impact their confidence and enjoyment of this part of their lives.

What your child will hear is that you don't think they are doing something worthwhile or that you have no interest in them or what they enjoy, which will impact your relationship and their desire to share this with you.

Get Involved

If your child is happy to have you play an active part in their love for music, then put effort into learning what they love to do, how they do it, and why they love it. If they love to sing, why not join them and sing together even if you can't carry a tune? If they are learning to play an instrument, have them teach you what they know so you can learn, too, even if you don't pick it up past these bonding sessions.

Take the time to get involved with your child and show interest and curiosity. Do they know that you are there to help them pursue this avenue and get the most enjoyment from it?

Go To Shows or Concerts

Taking your child to see their favorite artist or their favorite type of music played live can open up a whole new world for them. There is a massive difference between listening to something in a bedroom and experiencing it live. Being able to take your child to live sessions, concerts, or performances can give them another way to enjoy what they love.

From here, they can appreciate the music for what it is, discover new types of music, listen to different genres, find a new instrument to learn, and so on. The power of live music can be highly impactful on young minds, and being able to open up this world to them can change life in different ways.

Helping your child foster a love for music and indulge in theirpassion is something you should be taking a vested interest in as a parent. Support them, help them move forward doing what they'll love, and always look for ways you can immerse yourself and them into a world they enjoy being in.

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