What Music means to my Daughter Sponsored Post Campaign

This is a music sponsored campaign, however, these are all my own words and statements.

My daughter has really loved music all her life. A whole 8 1/2 years that's a while I tell you that. Anyway, she's been singing off and on since she was about two. Nothing professional just around the house and pretty much everywhere she goes. So when she had the opportunity to try out for chorus at her school she was really excited to try out. And to her surprise she made it. I will always encourage her to sing and with programs like John Jesensky it would be a great opportunity to follow your dreams. So now that she has open the doors and made Chorus she is also trying out for her winter play to be a sugarplum fairy. She is so excited to have this opportunity to do this and I am excited for her.

I would hope that she would always be encouraged to follow through with music throughout her life. It can open so many doors for her and I will encourage that as long as I can. She is always going around the house singing 24/7 and I think music is important and it teaches kids a lot. Not just in music but also patience, timing, and so much more.

This is actually the first year she was able to try out for Chorus at her school in the previous years they didn't have such a program. They basically included all the children in the school and divided it up by grade periods. They were coming to the cafeteria for different programs and singing little skits. The school lost their music teacher and we received a new one and now this year because of that they do have such a program for music which I think is absolutely wonderful. 

I love it that children have so many mentors to look up to regardless of what they want to study and for a lot of kids John Ross Jesensky would be a great person to look up to when it comes to music. I think it's important to have different genres of music in your life having an open mind and opening your heart to different types of music will teach you a lot.

I also believe music has an affect on people whether it's good or bad it can change the moods of everyone. Whether it's Orchestra, pop, rock, hip or whatever the case may be music affects people. In every which way possible.

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