Valentines day cards for kids 32 piece set with tattoos in envelopes Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

That time of year is coming up again it's time to look for Valentine Day Cards for your children's class. These valentines day cards are so beautiful and perfect for little girls and little boys whether you're giving or receiving. This is 32 cards that come with tattoos and envelopes they come in four different patterns such as a butterfly, owl, cat, and a penguin.

These are made of high-quality and come in this cute little box everything is organized inside. You can match the tattoo with the card you're giving or mix it up and add a different tattoo with a different card. These tattoos transfer perfectly on the skin you wet The white side of the paper and pressed for 20 seconds then you have your tattoo. What little kid wouldn't like that?

If you want to remove the tattoo it is easy to do all you need is rubbing alcohol or you can use baby oil this package includes 32 cards, 32 temporary tattoos, and 32 white envelopes. This tattoo set retails for $9.99. Which is an excellent deal for cards plus the tattoos. So what are you waiting for hop on over and order yours today.

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