Chewy Ambassador December Wellness Crunchy Well-Bars Reviews

I am a Chewy Ambassador these are my honest opinions on their products!!

These Crunchy Well Bars are really good for dogs they are oven baked, antioxidant-rich, grain free and made with lamb and apples. These are bite-size little snack bars that are perfect for dogs whether they're small or big. Their baked crunchy bars with natural and ingredients and are power packed with antioxidants. They have vitamins A&E in them and flaxseed. These snacks are a grain free and contain no by-products, no corn or soy, wheat, and gluten, or artificial flavors and colors.

These snacks are really nice and come in a 20 ounce bag which is 567 g my dog loves these treats at first he had to get use to them but now he is eating them. These snacks are made in Canada and are made really well and filling for your dog.

And what I like about the snacks is they have a long shelf life the ones we have they have a shelf life of a year which is really awesome.

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