Parragon Books Month of January Review

I am so excited to tell you about that as we received in the month of January for paragon books. We receive different items each month and a monthly book subscription it comes with different activities and books for your child to enjoy. 

The first item we received was the book Walk with me this is a bedtime rhyming storybook that encourages sweet and gentle dreams. This book is illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller. I set down and read this book to the kids but to be honest with you it is a little bit too young for them. My kids are nine and six and this book would be great for children ages 1 to 5. This is a great book and has a great message and story and would be great to add to any baby shower gift or for a new expecting mother. This book retails for $9.99 in the USA Canada it retails for $13.99. The story basically talks about going for a walk with each other through the woods and coming across different animals and asking if the other squirrel will take a walk with them. It is a cute little story for any child out there.

The next item is a Wipe and clean activity Disney princess book throughout this book when you're going through there are different activities that you can do. You can make Bell's dress any way you would like or go through and circle the pictures that match. You can also go through and find friends with Cinderella, or spot the difference with Jasmine. This is a really nice activity book again this is recommended for ages three and up my daughter is nine right now so she's a little too old for this book but it's super cute it comes with a marker to use throughout the book and easily can wipe clean. This book retails for $9.99 in the USA and in Canada, it retails for $13.99. I would highly recommend this for children ages three and up this would be a really cute birthday gift.

The next item is an activity book and stickers Disney princess mini tin. This tin is recommended for children three and up. And this would be great to take when you're going traveling. It has a 64-page activity book with over 20 stickers and a sticker scene. Again my daughter is a little too old for this activity tin but would recommend this for any child two and up. This activity tin retails for $7.99.

Next is the Disney tangled series book the dreamer in me this book is super cute it's glittery it's purple it has cute quizzes, fill in diary pages, stickers, and so much more. My daughter absolutely loves this book and was super excited when she got it her favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel so I knew she would love this. This book retails for $12.99 in the USA and in Canada, it retails for $17.99. It has different activities like you can do different art pages where you color, doodle a day where you can go through and write and draw different sketches on the different days of the week. This is such a cute book to keep any little girl busy. Now this book is great for my daughter's age I would recommend this for ages six and up.

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