Black Felt Changeable Letter Board (10” x 10”) Review

I was really excited to get approved for this felt board that has interchangeable letters, numbers, and symbols boards. This is going to be so exciting to use different messages on this board. Such as the little messages for my babies or different quotes for the different holidays. Or maybe to post if you are selling something and want it to look a little fancier this would always be a great touch.

This sign is great to take to special events, holiday gatherings, birthday parties, and so much more. It comes with 340 white characters, alphabet, and numbers. All inside this wood frame with a built-in stand and mounting hook. And it comes with a canvas bag that holds all your letters.

Leave reminders for appointments, or really anything you want to remember. You find the pregnancy things with that take monthly pictures and hold this up saying how many weeks you are, use this as a gender reveal announcement, the possibilities are endless.

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