Holiday Recipes Sheets & Twitter Party Today - Chuggington: Snow Rescue on DVD 12/9!

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Holiday Twitter Party Details: 

#HonkingHolidays Twitter Party hosted by @Chuggington
Tuesday, November 25 at 2-3pm ET

Tweet with the #HonkingHolidays hashtag to be entered to win the hottest Chuggington toys just in time for Christmas.  Over $600 worth of Chuggington playsets, DVDs, apparel and more will be given away during the party.  RSVP (yes or no) to be entered into the Grand Prize giveaway (  Entry for the Grand Prize will also be available on Facebook (

Suggested prizing for 2014:
a.    Chuggington Wooden Railway Figure 8 Set $39 (qty 2)
b.    Chuggington Stack Track Brewster's Big Build Adventure Playset $49 (qty 1)
c.     Chuggington Stack Track Excavator Set $89 (qty 1)
d.    Anchor Bay DVD pack incl Chuggineers Ready to Build + Snow Rescue $29 (qty 4)
e.    Personalized Chuggington t-shirt & backpack from Ty’s Toy Box $49 (qty 1)
f.      Chuggington Ready To Run Electric Train Set Wilson's Freight Adventures from Bachmann $214 (qty 1)

Grand Prize for 2014:  Build Your World Starter Kit!
Choice of Chuggington Wooden Railway or Chuggington StackTrack playset pack
g.     2-3 wooden sets
h.    3-4 stacktrack sets

Promotion will include:
- Chug e-blast x 2
- Sponsored tweets
- Sponsored FB posts
- Featured images of product and links to purchase

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  1. Hi, I want to add this to my Blogs Twitter party calendar for followers to join. One date says the party is Nov 25th, another date says it is Dec 9th. Could you clear up any confusion? Also how do I find you on Twitter? Your links are not working to follow you.