Availble Today Oct 28th Big Block SingSong Volume One Review+Giveaway

Now Available from Kaboom Entertainment on Dvd is the Big Block SingSong Dvd. At first this looked like it was for younger kids but I can honestly say this Dvd is for children of all ages and is not rated. The kids enjoyed this Dvd a lot my daughter who is almost 6 was dancing around like crazy to the music.

You can really see she was into it. I got her in action!! This Dvd has over 24 episodes and is over 48 minutes long!!

It has these little robot looking things on the screen and they sing about different stuff and have different beats to the songs. Something that is sure to get your child up and moving!!!

This Dvd is super cute and I can see the kids watching this all the time. And when we expand our family I'm sure our little one will be entertained with this Dvd also. Starting on October 24th Big Block will be available on Demand!!

Big Block Singsong, the fun and engaging animated musical series, which currently airs across the globe on TV, will be available on DVD for the first time ever in the U.S. and Canada on October 28th. This DVD is jam packed with musical fun that you and your kids will enjoy over and over again. With 24 episodes and over 48 minutes of content, these big block characters will not only steal your heart but have you singing their songs long after you’re done watching the DVD. 

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