Queen Light Gray Bed Sheets Set 4 pc

Really excited to tell you about these queen light gray bed sheet set 4 pc by Mellanni company These sheets are really nice and they come in a variety of colors white, tan, maroon,dark blue, purple etc.. These sheets are really soft and feel really nice against your skin. These bedsheets are pretty high-quality 100% brushed microfiber 1800 bedding collections.

Wrinkle, fade, stain resistant. These are also hypo allergenic they have deep pockets which is one quality I love about these sheets. I love the fact that you can sleep on the sheets and not have them come off the bed. That is one pet peeve that I have that drives me crazy.

The sheets are available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King. These are the perfect set for adults, kids, toddler, Teen girls and boys. These sheets stay fresh cool during hot nights and warm in cold nights leaving you and your family rested. 


  1. We just ordered these for my daughters room. They came in and while I agree they feel really soft and all, I am a little concerned about them holding up through washings as they feel very thin. They may just be the softness of them, I am not sure...have you had any problems with them seeming thin and holding up?

  2. They are kinda thin but no issues here I honestly have washed these a few times already and they have held up great!! :)