AhSleep Promo2 Sleep Review

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I wanted to tell you about this new pill that helps you with sleep it's called the AhSleep is a pill that is all natural that is suppose to help you with sleep and to get a good nights rest. This is a alternative to taking the pills that leave you groggy and not fully awake. This pill is safe and non addictive to take with most prescriptions. 

Let me tell you about my story. Ok I am sure like most people electronics keep you up at night. I think that is my issue with sleeping and not a good nights rest either. So for me I was excited to try these pills but I had to do my part also and turn off all electronics and anything that can keep me up and distracted.

So a good time for bed to me is about 11pm that way i could be asleep and well rested for the next day to start fresh. So I took AhSleep around 10pm like recommend to take 1 hour prior to bedtime. I feel like this pill has help put me to sleep especially when I turned everything off and just laid there and actually rested on the pillow. I would say I fell asleep in less then an hour. I am glad I have a few more pills to test when I am having trouble again sleeping. This will be handy and I am also glad it's a all natural pill and nothing that is going to hurt you. 

Some Side Effects you may have are Temporary Flushing, itching, rash, or gastric disturbances may occur.  

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