New Earth Kitchenware 30oz Tumbler Review

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I am absolutely loving this New Earth Stainless Steel Tumbler 30 ounce this tumbler is actually for my husband and he loves it also. We fill it up with ice in the morning and the ice last into the night. I actually stole his cup because I left mine in my sisters car that is how much I love this cup. This cup is amazing I can fill it up two to three times a day and get my water intake for the whole day and it still will be really cold when I go to drink it. I know with me for a long time I had to drink room temperature water. And that is something that I do not like at all now.

I know when we were at the store and I was not able to take this cup inside I had it filled with ice and water and even after the cup has sat in the car for a few hours the ice was still in there when we got out. Why spend money on them expensive tumblers when you can get one just as similar and works exactly the same??

This Tumblr has a double walled exterior with a vacuum between the walls. Besides drinking cold drinks you can also drink coffee in this stainless steel tumbler. Regardless of the temperature inside this will not effect the outside meaning if it's hot water inside the outside is not going to hurt your hands or if it's ice cold there won't be condensation on the outside of the cup. These tumblers are made of high-quality food grade stainless steel 18% crown and 8% nickel are combined together for a long lasting cups.

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