Parragon Books August Back to School Review

Back again for the month of August we were able to review the Paragon books for the month of August and I have to tell you every single one of them is interesting. The kids absolutely love them and we have a huge variety of items to tell you about this month starting with spot a lot animals this is a box with a story book and a two in one jigsaw puzzle read, color, play. This is a pretty cool cat basically it comes with a jigsaw puzzle that you can color on your own and it is also double-sided. The kids absolutely love this especially my son. The puzzle contains 36 pieces and is 15 x 15 and size.

The next one is the factivity on the go find animal kingdom it has three back factivity books Polar Pals, Forest Friends, Underwater Wonderland. There are 35 underwater wonderland stickers and for color pencils. This is recommended for ages five and up explore the amazing animal kingdom in this fun filled action-packed kit. One of the things that I like in that factivity forest friends is that it teaches you about the animals and tells you what a hunt or look for in the wild.

Probably one of my favorites that came in the box this month is Disney's Bambi The Story of Bambi Book this book is amazing I love the size of it and also it has so many beautiful colorful pictures. This is definitely a keepsake book that will last forever if you take care of it. This book is perfect for my daughter to read she just went into the second grade this book has a good amount of pages and would probably be a book that you would continue not really just in one sitting.

Another great book we received was the 2000 stickers animals 36 wild and wacky activities included. This book has so many activities for the kids to do throughout the whole book it has different animals and gives you clues on how to find out information you need. My favorite part is the stickers they have all kinds of colorful stickers of different animals throughout the book they also have different symbols and so much more. I like the mazes and dot to dot that they have in the back for kids to do.

Another item that was sent to us was the Zootopia tin kit it has a variety of different activities to do in this it came with a Zootopia coloring book, Zootopia hopping activity book, stickers, and Zootopia activity book. This tin also include markers. It also came with a big coloring page of Judy Hops and on the opposite side is Nick Wild the kids really enjoyed coloring this especially my son.

And last but not least we received a Factivity safari animals four in one activity pack which includes a Factivity book, double sided poster to color, 54 piece puzzle to color, four double sided colored pencils, your kids will spend hours and hours working on these activities. The kids absolutely love activities like this. And will continue to use these for a while.

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