Plain Old-Fashioned Toothbrushes Review

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So excited to tell you about these plain old-fashioned toothbrushes  ones that we used when we were little. If you are one that used these toothbrushes then you really need to check out this site. They have toothbrushes that come in soft, hard, extra soft, and kids version. These toothbrushes are end rounded and have nylon bristles they come in multiple colors and are also translucent. 

I remember these toothbrushes back in the day I guess that tells my age. I even remember the toothbrushes like this that have the orange rubber piece on the end of the handle. What is that you ask well it will help you to clean between your teeth and massage gums. These  toothbrushes are so neat and very basic just like back in the day. 

So if you're a person that does like to use toothbrushes like this I would highly suggest checking these out. They have all different colors they are translucent And they hold up really well. These toothbrushes are also great to have a back up if you had someone stay the night.Or if you're going on vacation and don't want to take your extensive electric toothbrush with you. Or hospital stays you name it.

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