Best Selling Dry Brushing Set by SpaVerde Review

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I had never heard of dry brushing before until now I had the opportunity to review these brushes from SpaVerde and I am really excited to try them out. One of the brushes comes with the handle where you can reach your back and hard to reach areas. The other thing that came along with this brush is a face brush this is like a mini version. This is pretty interesting basically all you do is get the brush and start doing strokes toward your heart. 

Is very interesting I would highly recommend watching a video before trying this it's pretty easy and self-explanatory all you do is take the brush and make strokes upwards toward your heart. Do this all over the body until you get up to your chest area once you do your chest in neck you're going to go downward toward your heart if that doesn't confuse you. So when you do your legs and stomach you're going to want to brush upward toward your heart then when you get your chest and your neck area you will be brushing down but area is still toward your heart.

What does this help with you ask well it does make your skin feel smoother and better it is also going to remove toxins out of the body. This is good to add to your daily routine I would recommend doing this every day around the same time. Your skin will feel so different and much softer. Definitely check this brush out improve your skin exfoliation and pore cleansing it also reduces cellulite and avoid stretch marks these brushes are 100% natural 100% organic and 100% cruelty free. I love dry brushing I am kinda addicted now and it's a good thing this makes you feel amazing when your done your skin feels so refreshed. And you can tell it works. My skin was a little red after but that is normal it's taking all that dead skin off.

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