Christmas Gift Guide Taking Submissions Now!!! #Momma4lifeChristmasGiftGuide2016

I know I know it's only August but I am starting early this year. Seems like this year has flown by and now it's already almost Fall time and Christmas is right around the corner. What better way to get the word out about your company then signing up for my Christmas Gift Guide to get the word out about your company!!! If you are interested please email me at

What will be included in my Christmas Gift Guide??
Well anything really you can give as a gift.

* Men Products
* Women Products
* Clothing "Men, Women, Kids, Baby"
* Electronics
* Accessories
* Toys
* Arts and Crafts
* Pets
* Outdoors
* Gaming
* Stocking Stuffers
* Tech
* Household
* Health and Beauty
* Movies/Music
* Holiday Pajamas/Sweaters 
* And More

You name it and it could probably be a gift. 

How will my guide work. If you want to be in my gift guide but not send a product their will be a $25 dollar placement fee that will hold your placement in my guide and guarantee you a spot. I will use the hashtag #Momma4lifeChristmasGuide2016 in the header of all my posts. Their will be a minimum of $30 in product or mult products that equal the $30 value. 
If you want me to write about your product and want it featured without product I will charge a sponsor fee which will be $70 for the sponsor fee.

I do require Full Size Products not samples if you send samples out I will not send back!!

All products welcome in my gift guide just email and ask. 

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