ReLeafs Leaf Scoops Review

I am loving the ReLeafs Leaf Scoops the scoops are really convenient for the yard. It is already springtime here and we still have a ton of leaves in the yard. We live in Florida so that's kind of unheard of during the spring time but there is a ton of trees around in our yard. These leafs scoops help out so much it grabs a bunch of leafs at one time so you can put them in bags to get them out of the yard. 

I like to organize and make different piles of leafs. And one by one hit the piles of leafs in the yard and get them in trashbags and organize. These are great for anyone that has a ton of leafs in their yard and wants to get to get the job done quick. 

The Lifetime Guarantee Leaf Scoops For Family And Friends.An Innovative All Year Round Gift That Is Must Addition For Your Home and Garden. We've Got Your Yard Uncovered!

OVERSIZE LEAF CLAWS - The Releaf Closed Design gets the JOB DONE FAST wet or dry with minimal fuss or spills.

LIFETIME QUALITY GUARANTEE – Hassle Free “Return & Replace" policy for life.

OTHER USES An extra sized hand for fruit picking / spreading mulch / feeding leaf shredders / hygienic pet mess clean up tool / gather toys fast after kids playtime.

INTELLIGENT UNCOMPLICATED STORAGE – Easy hang and fit together design.

PROTECTION – A barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds.

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