Binky Spritz Review/Giveaway

Binky Spritz is a awesome product made by a mom for Moms it has a great taste and is safe for kids it's safe to swallow, Alcohol Free, All natural Ingredients, No added sugar, Non toxic, no bpa's. This is good for cleaning pacifiers, toys, sippy cups, bottles, high chairs, ect. I love that this is mult purpose and is safe and natural check there site out here easily fits in purse or Diaper bag. Saves money on pacifier wipes which can get expensive. Now for the giveaway check the Raffelcopter below:



  1. How cool! Would love to try this! My mom used to dip them in honey or Karo, and I think WHAT?? Your kidding me! No wonder there are so many kids with ADHD! lol

  2. I use hot water and a mild soap