SortaSack Review

SortaSack is an awesome way to organize your laundry by color so you don't have to.  This is like a Traveling Backpack for your laundry comes in a variety of colors blk/white, red/white, blue/white, maroon/white, there are basically 2 separate sides one for your dark clothes and one side for you light clothes there are 2 small pockets on each side for a fabric softener sheet or whatever you would like to put in there to keep the smell not to smelly :) . These are perfect for college students, graduation and back to school gifts, traveling back and fourth to the laundry mat, wedding showers, etc. I highly recommend these are so awesome and save room in your bathroom too. Keep in mind Christmas is coming and this would be something great to start out the New Year being organized.  They retail for $34.00. Please go check out their site you won't be sorry here is the link

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